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Payment Accounts

In order to start collecting payments through Teamo, you will need to set up a payment account linked to the platform. In Teamo, you have two possible choices for payment accounts, with Stripe and GoCardless.

The first step to collecting payments is to either set up a Stripe account or a GoCardless account. These are both very easy to do and once this step is complete, it is very simple to connect your payment account to Teamo.

Both options are extremely safe and reliable with both trusted by millions and used all across the world.

Connecting a Payment Account

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Why do this?

Reduce Admin

Automated payment systems have been proven to reduce admin for both sport clubs and their members, as payments are fast and simple.

Treasurers will be able to see exactly what makes up each payout they receive.


Players can see exactly which payments they have made, and when. There is no source of confusion or fiddly spreadsheets to mess around with.


  1. Users are in control of what they pay for, ultimately it is up to them to press pay for their sessions and memberships.


How Safe is it?

Safety is obviously a big thing for users. People do not want to enter their card details into an app if it is not safe.

All payments made via Teamo are processed by Stripe which is used by thousands of businesses worldwide. Stripe are PCI Level 1 compliant - the highest available level of security.

Teamo implements the Stripe payment getaway, from the point a user enters their card, they are interacting directly with Stripe. Teamo never touches their details, we just get a message from Stripe (card type and last 4 digits) so we can let the user know, that they have this payment method available.

For more information regarding Stripe, please check our FAQ section.

Collecting Payments within the app

By collecting your Teamo account to Stripe, players can settle their memberships, match fees and training & social fees using the Teamo app in one tap. The simple payment management system makes it easy to keep track of your team or club money.

You'll have an instant list of who's paid and send reminders for those who need an extra nudge.

How Easy is it?

Setting up a Stripe account for your team or club is straightforward and can be completed in minutes to allow you to start collecting payments from your members.

The only details you need are the Team/Club bank information - account name, number, sort code & billing address.

How Long until the Money Hits our Account?

If you want to see the money in your club's account quickly, Stripe is the best option for you. Normally, it will take 3 working days for the payment to be processed and hit your club's account.



Direct Debit payments are protected by the Direct Debit guarantee. This provides members with the guarantee that if the money is taken in error, the can receive a full and immediate refund from their bank.

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