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Ladies 1s - 2022/23 Review

Record after 21 games: W7 D4 L10– F 36 A 48 Points 25 Position: 7th

Bloxwich ladies 1s started the season hopeful on the back of a brilliant summer league season during which we welcomed Hannah into the side. We started off a little shaky, drawing with newly promoted Sutton in the opening game before losing to teams like Worcester and Old Sils. I’ll be honest and say that before the half term break, having only secured a few points, I was a little worried about what our season would look like. However, the break seemed to do wonders and as we crept closer to Christmas, we were playing with more intensity and cohesion.

The first half of the season saw us lose badly to teams at the top, but takeaway points from teams around us. After Christmas leading up to February was another mixed bag with us taking a bit of a dip from the brilliant performances we’d seen in November and December. It also saw one of our forwards have to sit on the sidelines with a ‘Hamstring injury’ which we now know to be a new Bloxwich Bear in the making, a baby boy Leanne has affectionately nicknamed Hammy (big congratulations Jess). However, the last few months have seen us really come into our own and I have to say I don’t know what’s happened, but it’s all suddenly clicked. We have upped our intensity and communication; our positioning has improved, and we know where each other are going to be on the pitch. All this has led to us to giving teams in the top half of the table a challenge. Teams like UoB who we lost 4-0 to at the start of the season, we instead lost 2-1 to, with the decider being a top D reverse stick hit. Teams like Bridgnorth who we usually have a tight game against, we beat 6-2. It’s a shame that we have peaked as the season is ending but finishing mid table and performing the way we have done shows great potential for next season.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Kitson and Alex who have been so patient with me as I bombarded them with questions weekly. Thank you to Parker who has invested so much of his time into our team, helping us to improve over the season. We hope that we’ve made you proud, especially of our recent performances and the fact we’ve finally let go of the 4-4-2 formation you hate so much. And finally, a massive thank you to all the girls, from the commitment to training and games, the rearranged fixtures and the juggling of careers, kids, life and hockey, you have been amazing this year. I really feel that this year we’ve pulled together, and it really feels like a team. Throughout everything, we were in it together. I can’t express my gratitude enough to Zoey, Dolly, Janey, Sophie, Kitson, Leanne, Vicky, Hannah, Freeman, Nelly, Jess, Emma, Emily for everything you have given to the team this year. Thank you.

- Charlotte

Men's 1s - 2022/23 Review

Record after 21 games: W15 D3 L3 – F 70 A 32 Points 48 Position: 3rd

The men’s first started the season with the target of being in the challenge for promotion and that we were. First game of the season saw the lads comfortably beat Edgbaston 11-0.

We then proceeded to go the first half of the season unbeaten winning all the games before Xmas. 

This put the lads in a great position sitting top of the table. Coach Mallows was full of confidence for the Xmas bowling win only to be beaten comfortably by twinkle toes, own bowling shirt wearing Mincher. 

Second half of the season the lads knew that it was going to be tough. We had key games away which makes the games even harder. And we also weren’t scoring as many goals as we would have liked. 

One thing with the lads and with Bloxwich we are always up for a battle, and we continued to work hard, when the weather allowed us and battled in every game. Second half of the season we have had 3 draws and 3 losses which have left the team sitting third in the league just missing out on promotion. At the start of the year I would have been happy with this finish, but how far the team has come we are feeling disappointed to finish third.

We have added Scott and Kian to the squad this year and both have acquitted themselves into the team strongly. Sadly, this year we say goodbye to Marcus who finishes university and will be returning home. Just like to say a big thank you for his efforts and wish him well for the future.

- Ed

Ladies 2s - 2022/23 Review

Record after 19 games: W9 D2 L8 – F 23 A 29 Points 29 Position: 6th

If you would have told me 12 months ago I’d be writing a captains end of season review, I'd be telling you Nelly, no chance. However, somehow throughout the summer, I got roped into standing. I still can't believe I agreed, I must learn to say No!

So where do I start, I started by roping some ex players who had thought they had hung up their sticks to come back and support me. I asked Jo Langley to stand as my vice captain and had a long chat with Alex to get the 2s some match day support and there we go, we were all ready to get the fixtures. 1st game of the season saw us face newly relegated North Staffs and somehow they just couldn't get the ball past our mighty Sarah Jones aka “The Wall” we broke very late in the game and managed to take home 3 points, what a dream start to the season.

The points just kept on coming and somehow we found ourselves top of the table and competing for promotion. It was not a start we were expecting but one we were rather happy with. 9 games in and only 1 loss, as you can imagine the team were buzzing. 

Unfortunately, the snow stopped play and then came what seemed a very long Christmas break, which we just didn't seem to recover from. We had a spell of playing the teams around us and just found ourselves on the other side of the points. Rearranged games did not go in our favour when other teams in the league continued to bend the rules and get away with it, but we turned up each week and gave our all. We had another small run of wins which helped boost the teams morale but it wasn't going to be enough to finish top 3..

The 2s will end their season mid table but 2 wins against so called teams could have had us competing for promotion (the top part of the league has been so close). I'm sure the girls would agree that it's probably a fair position for us to end in and one to be proud of.

The girl's passion, commitment and fight is awesome and I couldn't have asked for much more. There are a few things we all know that need to improve if we want to have another competitive season next year, but we all know what they are.

I'd like to thank everyone that has supported the 2s this season, a big thank you goes to all the umpires, Katie who organises the umpires, Mincher for being my GMS guru and to Alex who has just been there, from coaching, match days, the one I rant too and just for being my rock, Id be lost without him.

Special thanks also goes to Jo Langley for standing as my vice, Eva for collecting the fines, Sarah and Sharon for doing the teas most weeks and Abbi for providing the half time sweets and my last but biggest thank you goes to all of my team, the support has been amazing. Thank you. Here's to the end of the season and bring on the next. 

- Hayley

Men's 2s - 2022/23 Review

Record after 21 games: W11 D6 L4 – F 65 A 40 Points 39 Position: 3rd

It has been a very productive but slightly frustrating season for the 2nds.

It looks like we are going to finish 3rd, a few points off 2nd place and promotion. The season started for us with a few too many draws instead of wins which is ultimately the points that have stopped us from getting promoted.

While I think we all feel a bit disappointed with this, it is still looking very bright for next season and the future. Since the run of draws before Christmas everyone has rallied together, the team has started to work really well together, and the 2nd half of the season has been great with us definitely being the in-form team over the last couple of months.

It has been great for the team starting to bring some younger players through as well in Jason, George and Franklin. All of them have come into the team, performed well and more importantly improved through the season along with the team.

Thank you to everyone who has umpired the 2nd team, we can't play without you.

- Lee

Ladies 3s - 2022/23 Review

Record after 19 games: W6 D3 L10 – F 31 A 52 Points 21 Position: 6th

Ladies 3’s have finished a very respectable mid table again this year.

We’re incredibly proud of this achievement and hope to do even better next season.

As all teams do, we’ve had some great wins when not expecting it and then some losses that we thought were winnable.

We’ve seen players come and move onwards and upwards, which is amazing, Daisy being one of those used several times by the 2’s, and Frankie Yeoman who has played fantastically well for us on several occasions.

We’ve also seen some players return after a number of years away. Nicky and Grace Lockley have been valuable additions to our team, bolstering up our midfield, both having a great season. Jo Yeoman has also made a welcome return, getting her name on the scoresheet a few times, trying to catch up with superscorer Steph Shaw. Sarah Ferguson has returned for a few games after giving birth to Matthew and will hopefully join us more next season. Even Sharon Hill has enjoyed playing for us on a few occasions and managed not to teapot!

On the pitch, every player gives 100% and the team spirit is incredible.

Deb Mincher is our fantastic goalkeeper who’s played every single game this season. And we can’t not mention Vicky Smith who’s immense at centre back. Carole Greensill has slotted in really well to complete the back three with Faye Perry, and Chloe Hinton has played some great games out on the flanks, even scoring a couple of goals along the way!

Comedy value is provided by Zoe Foster and Zanna Wade as well as Jill Smith!

As I said all players have given their all and I’ve been very proud to captain the team for 5 years and it’s time to handover.

I’d like to thank every single player that has turned out for us, everyone that’s umpired and all our followers.

I’m sure Zanna will make a great captain next season and if selected, I’ll give my all as a player.

- Kempo

Men's 3s - 2022/23 Review

Record after 21 games: W19 D1 L1 – F 115 A 22 Points 58 Position: 1st (Promoted)

The Trials and Tribulations of the Bloxwich Men’s 3rd team.

The 2022 / 23 season began with the 3rd team looking to secure promotion, At the time of writing we are 3 points clear in first place with 1 game left.

The team have played some quality hockey throughout the season going on a current unbeaten run of 19 games hoping to make it 20 after today’s game. Which would see us winning the league title.

I would like to thank everyone who played and supported us on the sidelines to make this an unforgettable season for many reasons. A massive thank you to all who came to support us in the epic and league defining 0-0 draw between Bloxwich and Telford’s much reinforced team. Last season I wrote about my pride in a team full of hockey beginners with a few old dogs of war.

This season my pride is immeasurable with the continued improvement of this team and their performances on the pitch. We have lost players to the second team. We’ve integrated and given pitch time to seven U17 year olds. We’ve looked after the OAP’s. We’ve scored over a hundred goals. The youngsters have the drive and enthusiasm to drive the third team and the club forward and more are waiting in the wings.

Week 5 saw “Our Jack” Jack Short make his 3rd team debut. 18 games later he has 7 or 8 clean sheets and hopefully only conceding just 18 goals so far. Not bad for a 14-year-old! I would like to thank all the umpires who have made it possible for us to enjoy our Saturday afternoons.

To Lou who has to put up with me spending numerous hours on Teamo and WhatsApp messages and listen to me regale the incidents from each week’s game.

- Lunny

Ladies 4s - 2022/23 Review

Record from 16 games: W5 D5 L6

This was the first season where the fruits of our hugely successful youth training programme have been reaped.

The season commenced with the usual struggles of trying to get a side out but with the support of five development girls and a couple of new players it became possible with only one game being conceded all year.

The girls, many with little full pitch experience started as they meant to go on with 100% commitment, 100% enthusiasm and a bottomless amount of eagerness to learn and develop although understandably a little lacking in confidence.

Their ability soon started to shine through and with the huge help and support of their experienced team mates the team started to gel. Week on week the team continued to build in confidence, with everyone developing their roles and playing to their strengths.

It’s difficult to recognise just how far the team has come when you’re involved every week but there were two stand out games that proved just this. A convincing 3 0 win against WATs at the end of January compared to the first game of the season against them which saw us get a 7 0 thrashing.

The final game was the pinnacle of the season with players determined to end on a high and what a high that was with a 7 1 win over Barford compared to a 1 1 draw, the 2nd game of the season.

The final stats I’m sure are the ladies 4s season’s best results with 5 wins, 4 draws and 5 losses.

Well done ladies what a fantastic season

- Helen

Men's 4s - 2022/23 Review

Record after 17 games: W7 D2 L8 – F 28 A 47

The first season of development for Bloxwich 4s, there have been some big ups and some massive downs, but the team have stayed together, played for one and other and bounced back after a couple of massive defeats.

The way the team have handled the big defeats and come back from them has been a credit to their character.

There have been several players move up to the 3s this season as well, Liam, Joe Harry & Jack who have all played a part in the promotion winning season with them, but then applied themselves when they have come back to the 4s.

I feel that the future for Bloxwich men’s side is really positive and in great hands with some of the talent moving through the club currently, and can’t wait to see these players move through the club as they continue to play, improve and go on to do amazing things on the pitch!

It’s been an absolute pleasure to be involved with this team this season!

- Kevin

2023/24 Season Teams Aims

Men's 1s

Promotion (with cautious optimism in a strong league!)

Men's 2s

Promotion (definitely achievable and would close the gap between 1st and 2nd teams)

Men's 3s

Consolidate current league position (ultimately bringing in more of the younger players through the season)

Men's 4s

Continue to develop and bring a lot of youngsters through (hopefully pushing players for their places in the 3rds)

Ladies 1s

Coming soon...

Ladies 2s

Coming soon...

Ladies 3s

Coming soon...

Ladies 4s

Coming soon...

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