Firsts v Centaurs 2

04 March 2024 | Sheena Macrae
Firsts v Centaurs 2

Our First team met Centaurs 2 away on Sunday 3 March, losing the match by a fair margin. But was this a defeat? By all accounts, it wasn't. And here's how not.

First up...despite injury of a key Firsts player ( who stayed to cheer and lead from the sideline), our Firsts worked harder and each goal was won through tenacity and determination. We admire these qualities so much!

Second, the juniors we'd recruited to build numbers on the team had already played in their own earlier match, and were subsequently very tired. But they most definitely became real team members in this game and dug in as team players. We are very proud of them - can't wait to welcome them properly into the Firsts when they leave our Junior section.

So....What was underlined in all the disappointment is that the Firsts are a tough team, keen to play, keen to get stuck in to their matches AND our juniors are real troopers ( and quick learners).

Thank you to all our players and supporters, and to Centaurs 2 for hosting.

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