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1) Opportunities

Harleston Magpies offers opportunities to train and play for boys and girls of all abilities between the ages of 6 and 18. 

Coaching is available on a weekly basis, with players progressing through the U8, U10 and U12 Mini teams to the Girls’ and Boys’ Development teams that play in the Norfolk League. Some adult teams are set aside specifically to develop younger players with a small core of adults to support them.These Men's and Women's teams play in the England Hockey - East Leagues. 

Magpies continues to have success both at county, regional and national level (both indoors and outdoors) - and has been proud to see some individuals go on to gain international honours.

2) Youth volunteering/group

The Youth group is responsible for the recruitment, coaching, development and general well-being of the club’s young members.

The Chair is James Smith - youthchairman@magpies-hockey.co.uk

If you are interested in helping in any way - please contact James Smith.

3) Safeguarding

The Club has adopted England Hockey Safeguarding Policies and is committed to ensuring Magpies is a safe and enjoyable environment to play hockey - for all ages and abilities


Safeguarding & Protecting Young People in Hockey Policy The Policy sets out the commitments made by England Hockey with regard to safeguarding young people and certain general principles and specific guidance that should be followed by The Hockey Family.

Best Practice Guidance provides details on England Hockey guidance on good practice in relation to anti bullying, transport, changing rooms, social media etc.

The following highlights what Parents and Carers can expect from the Club and vice versa :- Information for Parents

Advice for Young People outlines what each young person can expect from the Club, what is expected from them and contact information in the event of help, advice or support being required.

Our Club Welfare Officer is Sarah Denny (welfare@magpies-hockey.co.uk or 07873 816524) to whom any queries or concerns should be addressed in the first instance.

4) Medical information for juniors (Under 18s)

Parents and Carers are requested to enter and keep up to date any relevant medical information on the Club database(s) - but it is also very important that Parents and Carers keep coaches, managers and (adult) team captains directly informed, of Children's medical conditions as access to the database(s) may not be available in some environments.

5) Supervision/Transportation/Photography/Protective Equipment

All Parents and Carers are reminded that :-

i) at training sessions for U14's and below, they are expected to remain at the Club/Clubhouse whilst training takes place - unless they nominate another named responsible adult in the event of an issue arising (e.g. injury). Any children not attending training but remaining at the Club should be supervised at all times.

ii) for minis tournaments (U10s and U12s) - they are expected to remain at the venue with their child - unless they nominate another named responsible adult in the event of an issue arising (and have notified the relevant manager or coach).

iii) at training sessions for younger age groups - they (or a nominated responsible adult) should be available to escort children across the car park to the toilets/club house (coaches need to remain on the pitch to supervise other children).

iv) with respect to transportation (applicable to all U18 members) it is not the Club's responsibility to transport children to and from fixtures. If you have any objections with other parents/guardians, adults or players associated with the Club transporting the above to Tournaments/Matches, it is your responsibility to provide transportation on all occasions when your child is selected for a team.

v) with respect to photography, in some environments, particularly adult competition it is impossible to control photography by external parties. Therefore there may be times that photographs and/or footage may be taken during matches and training sessions by approved agents and/or officers of Harleston Magpies Hockey Club. Photographs taken as per the above may appear in the press, on the Club Notice Board or Club Website/Club Social Media.

vi) with respect to protective equipment - under 18s should wear shin pads and gum shields. Face masks must also be worn when defending short corners for all age groups from U12 upwards i.e. U12, U14, U16 and U18. Parents must ensure they purchase a suitable face mask for their child.

6) Code of Ethics and Behaviour

Harleston Magpies Hockey Club has signed up to the England Hockey Code of Ethic and Behaviour. All members (including juniors), parents, visitors and club officials are expected to conduct themselves at all times in keeping with this Code of Ethics

7) Other Policies and Terms & Conditions

The Club's current Data Privacy Policy, Disciplinary Policy, Terms & Conditions and  England Hockey Equality Policy may be found on/via the following link at the bottom of this webpage - 'Club Policies and Guidelines'

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