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Access Control

Your committee members can have varying levels of access making it safe and secure for all.

A quick rundown of the different levels of access you have are:

  • Admins - Admins have access to the whole club.
  • Club Section Managers - These managers will have access to all information within their section.
  • Sub-section Managers - Access to their own sub-section
  • Team Managers/Captains - Access to their own teams
  • Parents/Players

We recommend assigning the roles accordingly (note this is just a suggestion, some clubs might want to mix it up depending on personnel)

Admins: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer

Club Section Managers: Men's Club Captain, Ladies Club Captain, Head of Juniors

Sub-Section Managers: U18 Head Coach, Performance Coach

Team Managers/Captains: U18 A's Manager, 1st XI Captain

Manager or Captain?

These roles all have the same level of access but are slightly different in certain areas. Surrounding events, when Captains mark their availability, the summary numbers will change for the event whereas if a Manager updates their availability, the numbers will stay the same. This is because the Captain is counted as a player but a Manager is not.

Thus, if someone is running the admin of the team and plays, assign them the Captain label. If they run the team but do not play, mark them as a Manager

Is there a limit on how many Admins we can have?

Yes, this will depend on the package size that you have. More information can be found here.

Club Package - 1 admin

Pro Package - 5 admins

Advanced Package - 10+ Admins

If you have any requests about changing the amount of admins your club has, or want t upgrade your package, drop us a message in the Support chat or email us and we can work something out for you.

Involved in more than one team?

You can have multiple different roles across the club. Anyone can be set as a Manager/Captain/Player/Guardian in any of the teams that your club has.

Manage Club Roles from within the App

If you want to grant members some access within the platform, but only in certain areas, head over to 'Manage Club Roles'.

Here you can allow people access to different areas within Teamo and keep their access to other parts restricted.

For example, your treasurer will only have access to the Finances side of Teamo, but will not be able to message players from other teams.

This is also where you are able to assign a Webmaster. So your website can be managed by a club member, who does not need any further access within Teamo.

Editing people in Club Roles - Desktop

Changing someone's role within a team - Mobile Phone

How can I assign levels of access to other members?

To change a member's level of access, head to their account. You can either search for their name using the search bar or head to their team and find them that way. Once you have found them, select their profile. Scroll down to Teams/Groups and select the cog icon next to this. Here you can change a member's access for sections and/or teams, by tapping the P (Player), C (Captain), G (Guardian) or M (Manager).

How can I make someone else an Admin?

Tap your Profile Icon > Manage Club > Manage Club Roles. Then search for the user, click Teamo Club Admin and finally click Done to save it.

Can I remove someone as an Admin?

If you go into Manage Club Roles (noted above) you can click the 'x' to remove their permissions. Note: If a user is an admin and a webmaster for example, this is classed as two roles, so you will need to click the 'x' twice.

What is the difference between Captains and Managers?

They both hold the same access, but when captains mark their availability the summary numbers in the event will change whereas a Manager marking their availability will not change any of the attendance numbers.

Can I change my own level of access?

Yes - if you are an admin. Head to your account and click the cog icon beside Teams/Groups and adjust your roles accordingly.

How can I add a phone number or email to my child?

Tap your profile icon, then your name to bring up your profile. 

Tap your child's name, to bring their profile up. 

Click the edit button in the top right corner. 

Enter their number or email. 

Click save!

Once their number or email is saved in the system, they will be able to login to their own account from their phone. They will need to enter their phone number or email. They will then receive a One-Time-Passcode they can enter which will let them into the app.

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