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A Change to Your Invoicing

We are changing the way we charge clubs. Previously reliant on annual invoicing, Teamo has embarked on a transformation, moving to an automated monthly direct-debit system. This strategic shift not only aligns with modern business practices, but also reflects Teamo's dedication to providing a clean, efficient, and client-friendly experience.

By automating the invoicing process, Teamo is taking a proactive step toward minimizing manual intervention and potential errors. This enhancement not only saves time but also enables the company to allocate our resources more effectively, allowing team members to focus on high-value tasks that contribute directly to client satisfaction.

This change will only take effect when it's time to pay your next invoice. So, if you have just made a payment, this adjustment will be implemented starting from your next renewal date.

New Packages and Prices

Package names are also changing to provide clubs with greater clarity regarding their package tier. The newly named tiers are as follows:

  • Free: 0-24 Members (1 admin)
  • Bronze: 25-99 Members (2 admins) £9.99/Month
  • Silver: 100-199 Members (5 admins) £21.99/Month
  • Gold: 200-499 Members (5 admins) £31.99/Month
  • Platinum: 500+ Members (10 admins) £54.99/Month

More Flexibility

This shift brings about benefits for both Teamo and its clients: monthly invoicing offers clubs a more predictable and manageable way to budget for services rendered, and Clients can align their financial planning more effectively with their expenses through smaller, more frequent payments.

Clubs that fall between package thresholds will also benefit from instant clarity: as soon as you cross a membership number threshold, your next predicted invoice will reflect the new package total. You will also have a 14-day grace period to adjust membership numbers before any charges are applied.

Which package will I be put onto?

This will obviously be a transition over the next 12 months, with different clubs moving onto the new system at different times. Clubs will transition to this new invoice format on their next renewal date. Below, we have provided a few scenarios which should help explain how the flexibility will work to help clubs in between package sizes.

Scenario 1 - Shifting Packages

You have 195 members in your club. This puts you on the Silver Package at £21.99 per month.

If 20 new people join the club and you reach 215 members, your next monthly invoice will be for the Gold Package at £31.99.

No action is required from your end, as the payment will be automatically calculated and taken on your next monthly invoice date.

Scenario 2 - Cleaning Out Members

With 98 members in the club, along with several players who haven't participated in years, you'll be on the Bronze package at £9.99 per month.

If you add 30 new players, your membership count will rise to 128, pushing you to a higher package.

If you realize you have players who need to be removed, you have 14 days to make amendments before the next invoice is confirmed.

If you manage to return to your original package quota within 14 days, you won't be charged for exceeding the threshold during that time.

Your next monthly invoice will then be £9.99

Scenario 3 - Maximum Flexability

This situation is highly unlikely, but if you ever find yourself exceeding your package threshold and needing a higher package for a few days (for instance, if temporary players join), you can later remove them.

If you exceed the 14-day limit in one package, you'll see a higher invoice amount for your next invoice. However, if you manage to go back below the threshold after 14 days, you'll only be charged for the days you exceeded the original package.

So, if you are over the package limit for 20 days, we will charge you for those days (20 - 14 = 6). This is the fairest approach we could adopt for this scenario.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes - You are able to cancel your payments at anytime via GoCardless.

However, invoices will stack for up to a year (post-cancellation), so if you start using your account again within this time, the invoices will be processed and paid automatically when you add your new payment method.

Can I still pay annually?

No - All invoices will be moving to the monthly billing system.

Your club will start on monthly payments at the end of your current invoice.

Can I add any payment method?

Payments are authorised via GoCardless, so direct debit is the only payment type we currently accept. In the future we will be adding a Stripe option, which will allow Credit Cards and Debit Cards to be added as a payment method.

Can I choose the day that the invoice is taken?

No - Each invoice is due on the same day every month. We are able to change the initial payment date, but from then on, we cannot alter the day that the payment is taken.

Can only one person make a payment for the club each month?

Only one payment method is allowed per club, so there is no chance a club is double-charged per month.

What happens if my card declines?

If your mandate deactivates then your registered payment method becomes inactive and you would have to register a new one again.

If there are outstanding invoices when you add the new mandate, these invoices will be processed immediately.

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