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Taking Payments with AutoPay

Taking Payments with AutoPay

AutoPay Overview

Switch on AutoPay for your club and debit your members at the end of each month to save on transaction fees and never miss a payment.

What is AutoPay?

AutoPay is a new payment feature for Teamo that allows clubs to debit their members each month. 

By switching on AutoPay, you are able to make just one transaction as opposed to multiple small transactions to save on fees.

You can also set a limit that outlines a maximum amount you can debit members each month.

  • Save on fees
  • Don’t miss any payments
  • Set monthly limits

Setting up AutoPay

Initially, the club must set a monthly limit and allocate a treasurer to manage AutoPay and its disputes.

The club can then select which products are available on AutoPay. Products costing over the monthly limit will not be available on AutoPay.

  • Set a monthly debit limit
  • Allocate a treasurer
  • Select which products are available on AutoPay

Using AutoPay

Club members will have to opt into using AutoPay when they open the app.

Once opted in, any payments will go into this months AutoPay statement, visible in their payments tab to keep up to date with invoices.

  • Opt into AutoPay
  • Complete purchases/payments
  • See your AutoPay statement status in Payments

Disputing Statements

Statements are settled on the 5th of each month, giving members 4 days to dispute any invoices that shouldn’t be on their statement.

Members can select specific invoices to dispute and the statement gets frozen until it’s resolved.

  • Review statement
  • Select which invoices in the statement to dispute
  • Add a message to the treasurer
  • Keep informed of the disputes status

Settling Disputes

Treasurers are able to edit or remove invoices from statements and postpone payment dates to resolve disputes.

Adjustments can be made without unfreezing to ensure all parties are happy before payment is taken.

  • Review dispute
  • Edit or adjust invoices or postpone payment dates
  • Resolve the dispute to unfreeze the statement

Once disputes are settled, payment is taken on the 5th of the month or the next day if after.

  • Payment is taken on the 5th or the next day if passed

Frequently Asked Questions

On setting up auto pay, does it relate to just match and training fees generated in Teamo or can it include membership fees?

If your membership instalments are less than your clubs monthly Auto Pay limit then they can be set as auto pay products and grouped into the monthly statements. 

If membership fees is included how does it cope where are adult players have an option to pay two types?

AutoPay will only collected invoices, not memberships, so an adult may have to authorise their membership by clicking pay to choose their membership or a treasurer would have to assign the membership to a member. 

If it does include membership fees, does the date fall on that of due date of the membership instalment?

If you make membership fees included then they will not be processed when due but postponed to the next monthly statement. 

Will post payment, any refund of the components of the total fee will have to be via BACS transfer from the club?

With the new autopay system you can issue credits (e.g. for travel expenses etc or refunds) against future autoPay statements. 

If a member is in credit come the end of the season you would then need to issue a BACS transfer to balance the books. 

Members have a 5 day window to dispute a monthly bill between in being finalised and taken from their account, if they dispute a bill in that time the whole statement is frozen until the treasurer resolves the dispute. 

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