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Building Your Homepage

Building Your Homepage

Featured Reel

The featured reel is controlled from the "Featured Reel" panel within the website area.

The featured reel is your club's space to promote headline stories and important pages on your website. These items can be attached to internal pages such as news articles & information pages, or they can link to external pages such as a club shop.

There are two types of reels:

Default - these are permanently displayed on your website. You can have up to five of these. We recommend having a minimum of three default reels to keep your site looking good.

Active - these are temporary items on the featured reel that have an expiry date on them so that they can disappear automatically when they are no longer relevant. Admins, captains and managers can request for their match reports, news articles and events to be active items by using the 'Requested to be Featured' button within events or articles in the app.

As the featured reel can only hold five items at a time, active reels will replace any default items if there are already five or more items. Once the active reel expires, the default reel will reappear.


Club sponsors are controlled from the "Manage Sponsors" panel in the website area.

Sponsors are divided into 'headline' sponsors and 'secondary' sponsors. This gives you the option to sell different packages to potential sponsors depending on their budgets.

Headline sponsors appear right beneath the featured reel to give them great visibility to all visitors. Secondary sponsors appear at the bottom of the homepage. Lots of clubs also include their league associations and NGB logos in this section.

Every sponsor's logo can be linked to either the sponsor's own website or a page within your website that might give some detail about the sponsor and how they support the club.

The headline and secondary sponsors appear at the bottom of every page of the website in a section titled "Our Partners".

From the Manage Sponsors panel, you can also choose to display your club sponsors in all your TeamoMail communications.

Recent Results & Upcoming Fixtures

You can choose which sections and teams display their results and fixtures. All this information is pulled directly through from Teamo so there's no need to constantly be updating results in two places!

This section of your site will display results and fixtures for 4 weeks on either side of the current date. In your calendar and team pages, you will find all the results and fixtures.

Latest News

All your recent new articles will appear in the latest news section of your homepage. If you want match reports to appear here too, then you need to tag the match report in the relevant section. For example, if your Women's 1st team have written a match report and you want it to appear on the latest news, you will need to tag the Women's section to the article.

Information Text

This is your space to write a short description to introduce your club on the homepage.

Contact Us Form

The contact form on your homepage will allow visitors to get in touch with any of the contacts that you have set up in your Site Settings area. You can enter multiple contacts so that different types of enquiries can be directed to the necessary people.

Find Us Map

Here you can list any locations that your club regularly uses as home locations. You can enter several locations and these will be available via a drop-down menu for visitors to view.

Connect With Us

In this section you can embed either your club's Twitter feed or Instagram feed. If you want to use your Instagram feed, it must be an Instagram business account.

Setting up your Homepage - Desktop

I’ve updated the result of a fixture but it’s not showing on the website?

To make sure results are pulling through automatically from Teamo to your website you need to head to the Site Settings page in the website area of Teamo. From here, you need to turn on the setting called “published events use website template

How do I link fixtures and results from Teamo to the homepage of the website?

Head to Page Manager in the Website area of Teamo desktop. When you open the Page Manager you should be taken straight to the home page of your website. Click on the Edit Icon in the top right corner, and then Edit Page Content. From here you can turn on Fixtures & Results, and then choose which sections and teams you want to appear.

How do I make news article appears in the News Index and Latest News Sections?

Once you’ve written your news article, you need to add ‘tags’ for it to appear in the relevant places. These can be added at the bottom of the article when you edit the page content. For it to appear in the news section, you should tag it as ‘News’ and ‘Article’. If you want it to appear in the ‘Latest News’ on the homepage of the site, you should also add a tag for a club section(s). If the article is about one specific team, you can also tag it to that team, then it will also appear in that team’s news page.

How to I delete a page?

Head to Page Manager in the Website area of Teamo desktop. Open the left hand side menu and click on Pages at the bottom of the menu. Here you will see a list of the pages you’ve created for your website. By each page you will see a red cross (X), use this to delete the relevant page.

How do I edit the featured reel content?

Head over to our featured reel page in the help centre to read more about setting up your featured reel.

How do I add an active reel?

Any admin, captain or manager can request for their event or article to be 'featured' on the featured reel. They can do this by clicking the 'request to be featured' button in the event or article. This then notifies the webmaster, who can then approve or deny the request, as well as giving it an expiry date.

Why are my sponsors in greyscale until I hover over them?

Sponsor logos are shown in greyscale on desktop until the user hovers over them, on mobile logos are in full colour. Use the option 'Sponsor logos hover effect' at the bottom of the Sponsor Manager to change the logos to full colour all the time. If you make this change, you need to republish the whole site.

How do I create a news article?

Head to Page Manager in the Website area of Teamo desktop. Open the left hand side menu and click on the big plus (+) sign at the bottom of the menu. Give the page a title, name and header image. When selecting the layout/template, choose News Article.

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