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Club Structure

Manage, Edit and Add your Teams/Groups

Create multiple teams and groups under your Club Structure to keep your club communications relevant and in order. You can set up as many sections, and also as many teams as you like under the section. Members can also be placed in as many teams as needed.

Differentiate between teams and sections with customised icons

You can give each team a different colour icon to help you easily identify each team/group or section. These icons can also be given custom initials or emojis and appear on the calendar next to events, meaning if you are a member of more than one team, you can easily view which event applies to which team.

Club Structure Introduction - Desktop

How many teams or groups can I have?

Unlimited. You can add as many teams/groups or sections as you need to your club structure.

How do I add a committee group?

To add a committee, or non-playing group, head to New Group/Team. Fill in the Name etc and toggle Management on.

How can I change the order that my teams appear?

To re-order your teams and groups, select Reorder. Grippers will appear on the right-hand side of each team/group. Use the grippers to drag and drop and move your teams around.

What does email prefix mean?

Each team or group you create will have it's own unique mailing address. This remove the need for external mailing lists. You can simply send one email and it will go to all players in that team, section or even the whole club! You can edit the prefix for different teams and groups.

Why do I see deleted teams in my club?

When you re-order your club structure, you might notice you can see deleted teams appear here that don't appear in your previous view. This is so you can see what clubs were in what areas of the club before they were removed, should you have the need to replicate them. You cannot re-activate a deleted team due to GDPR reasons. You will have to make a new one and label it similarly.

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