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Collect Membership Payments

Collect Membership Payments

Start collecting your clubs memberships online with teamo.

Our flexible product system allows you to collect memberships for all teams including instalment and concession options for memberships.

"We have different memberships available for different sections/teams."

No problem! You can create memberships and make them only available to specific teams, groups or sections. This means that members are not confused by multiple memberships on offer to them and their membership category is chosen for them.

"I want my members to pay for their memberships as soon as they register to Teamo via our Club Registration link, is this possible?"

Yes, once you have created your membership options and assigned them to different sections or teams, you can then set your Teams Requiring Membership along with a Payment Due date. This means that when a member registers with Teamo they will be prompted to pay for their membership after completing the registration form.

"What happens if a member wants to pay Cash or BACS instead of via the app? "

That's no problem at all! Members can select the Pay Later option during registration. Managers and administrators will keep note of this and mark the payments as paid by Cash or BACS when the payment has been received.

How to assign membership payments - Desktop

How to check the status of a members membership payment - Desktop

How do I set up non equal instalment options for memberships?

Head to Manage Club > Manage Club ProductsSelect New Product and select Membership.

Turn on the Pay instalments tab. Input information about total cost, instalment costs, number of instalments. Once you are finished, select Save New Product.

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