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Creating your Club

Creating your Club

Create your team or club and start taking the hassle out of managing your team today!

Designed to make the lives of the volunteers who run teams and clubs easier. We solve their everyday problems, from player availability to communication.

To get started, please head to the App Store or Play Store and download the Teamo app. You can also create your account online by heading to our website.

What if I already have a team or club setup on Teamo and would like to add another. Can I do this?

Sure you can.

You can be a member of and/or manage as many clubs as you wish on Teamo. If you are already part of the club and wish to create another one, log out of the app and click Start New Club/Team.

If you are joining another team, register to the club using your initial contact details, this allows us to add both clubs to your account, so you can flick from one to the other without needing to leave the app.

How to create a club on Teamo - Mobile Phone

Have my Club already signed up?

Send us a message and we can let you know!

How do I swap between clubs in the app?

In the bottom right corner of the home page, you should see a switch clubs button. If you tap this, you can then shift your view over to other clubs that you are linked to.

How do I find my Club's registration link?

As a member you should have been sent your club's registration link via an admin, manager or captain at the club. If you have not received this then do get in touch with someone at the club and ask them to send this across to you.

The Teamo app doesn't recognise my phone number/says my phone number is invalid.

First please ensure you have registered for your club in the app using the registration link they have sent you. If you have not been sent one then we advise getting in touch with someone at the club to get this sent to you.

If you see an alert suggesting your mobile number is invalid do check to make sure you have entered your mobile number correctly. Please also make sure you are not trying to input your number with the area code. The area code is already there depending on the country you select. E.g. In the UK, if your number is 07000000000, then the +44 is already there and you type 7000000000.

If you have checked all of this and entered your number in correctly please get in touch with us via the in-app Support Chat or Message Teamo Support via email

I haven't received my SMS activation code to get into the app

We send the SMS activation codes when you enter your mobile number linked to your Teamo registration. Firstly please ensure you have entered your mobile number correctly. If you have entered this correctly then do check the email account you have used in the registration process too, as the verification code will get sent to your email in case it doesn't go through via SMS.

If it doesn't come through via email either this may be due to a typo when first entering your email address. If this is the case then please send us a message via the in-app Support Chat or Message Teamo Support via email and we can take a closer look for you.

I have joined a new club and want to be remove from the old one. How do I do this?

If you tap your profile icon and then your name, you will be able to scroll to the bottom of your profile and delete your account. This will only delete you from the club that you were in as you clicked this button.

You will ONLY be able to do this if you have no outstanding invoices.

If you are struggling, an admin or one of the support team can action this for you. If you choose to email support or send us a message through the in-app support function, please let us know the name of the club you'd like to be removed from.

NOTE: We cannot recover any deleted accounts due to GDPR reasons.

How can I add another team to my club?

In the app, tap Manage Club then click Edit Teams/Groups and press New Team/Group at the top. Once you have set this up, click Create to save it.

The Desktop version will be the exact same.

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