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As a way to increase revenue, clubs can now offer members the opportunity to add a donation as a one off payment or in an add-on to a purchase.

To donate, members can choose to donate directly from their payments page with the opportunity to pay however much they would like; or they can choose to add an existing product onto their purchase.

This requires club admins to create a product and give it a guide price. When the member comes to add the donation at point of purchase, they will see the guide price but are able to adjust the actual amount they want to donate.

To see how to create a product, see the tutorial section within this page.

Get 25p from every £1 donated

With donations, clubs are able to also claim GiftAid through Teamo.

All community amateur sports clubs (CASCs) can claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated, giving clubs an extra boost to revenue, getting more from their donations.

This process is managed by Teamo's GiftAid partner, Swiftaid. It's easy to set up an account and connect your Teamo club to start earning 25% more through GiftAid. Swiftaid will manage your GiftAid payments and allow you to track them through their product.

For more information on how to set up Swiftaid and start redeeming GiftAid, see the FAQs section on this page.

How to create a donation product

  • Go to Manage club
  • Select Club Products
  • Choose Create product
  • Select Other > Donation and fill out the details of your donation.
  • Add a guide price (donors will be able to select their actual donation)
  • If you have not already set up Swiftaid to claim GiftAid, do this at this stage. (See FAQs in this page to learn more about how)
  • Click Set teams to choose which members the donation is available to.
  • Click Promote to choose where your donation product will appear.
  • Show on a members payment page
  • Show as an option at check-out
  • Show on the newsfeed

  • Create product

Frequently Asked Questions

Adding to Teamo's services, we have partnered with Swiftaid as our GiftAid processing service - meaning our clubs can now have GiftAid automatically processed on their transactions by opting into their services. All community amateur sports clubs (CASCs) can claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated - Swiftaid takes on the admin and legislation so you can process GiftAid effortlessly.

If you're a club already on Teamo you can set up and/or connect to Swiftaid when you create a new product. If you're new then please start setting up your sports club on Teamo here

To make the GiftAid claiming process easier, our partner SwiftAid can manage your claims process with HMRC for you and send you the funds that are collected in GiftAid from your Teamo club.

Please note: Swiftaid will charge you a 5% fee on GiftAid funds successfully collected via their service.

You will be able to setup Swiftaid when you create or edit a product.

Set up your Swiftaid account

You will need a Swiftaid account to enable them to manage your GiftAid. To start claiming GiftAid on all your donations and getting 25p for every £1 donated, start by creating a Swiftaid account.

Once you've set up or logged into your SwiftAid account, enable Teamo as a donation source.

Connect your Teamo club

Once you have created your Swiftaid account, return to Teamo to connect your account. Simply input your HMRC Customer Number to connect.

Tracking your GiftAid

If you choose Swiftaid to manage your GiftAid, they will transfer you the funds and you will have access to reporting on Swiftaid's site of how much GiftAid has come from your Teamo club profile.

Please note: Teamo does not manage these payments.

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