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Featured Reel

Featured Reel

The featured reel is your club's chance to showcase its biggest stories and most important pages! These items can be attached to internal pages such as news articles & information pages, or they can link to external pages such as a club shop. It's the first thing people will see when they visit your site, so it's important to take some time to get in right and understand how it works.

Your featured reel is designed to contain between three and five items, and rotates through them every 5 seconds. Each reel is made up of an image, a headline, a sub-heading, and a "call to action" (a button taking you through to the page).

The featured reel is controlled from the "Featured Reel" panel within the website area.

There are two types of reels:

Default - these are permanently displayed on your website. You can have up to five of these. We recommend having a minimum of three default reels to keep your site looking good.

Active - these are temporary items on the featured reel that have an expiry date on them so that they can disappear automatically when they are no longer relevant. Admins, captains and managers can request for their match reports, news articles and events to be active items by using the 'Request to be Featured' button within events or articles in the app.

As the featured reel can only hold five items at a time, active reels will replace default items if there are already five or more items. Once the active reel expires, the default reel will reappear.

Building your Featured Reel - Desktop

How do I get an article to appear on the featured reel?

In the Teamo platform, go to 'The Club' area. On mobile, this is the middle button at the bottom of the screen. On desktop this is the area on the right of your homepage.

Here you will see any news articles that have been written and published. To request that one appears on the featured reel, you need to click on the article, and then the star at the bottom with 'feature' underneath it. This will notify the webmasters of your request and then they can except it, set and expiry date & time, and set it live.

Can I link a reel to our external club shop?


Head to the featured reel section of the website area on desktop or mobile.

If your reel already exists, then click into it and from the Page Link drop-down menu choose "External Link". In the box below it, type in, or copy and paste in, the link to the relevant website.

If you need to create a new reel for this, simply click "Create a default item". Add an image, and fill in the rest of the information

I've made changes to the reel but it's not showing on my website?

When you make updates to your featured reel, you need to also republish the homepage. You can do this by opening Page Manager from the website area and using the icon in the top right corner to select republish the page.

Can I change the order of my reels?

You can reorder your default reels but not your active reels. You can do this by heading to the default tab within the featured reel page and using the grippers on the left hand side to drag and drop the reels into the order you want.

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