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Inviting your Members

Inviting your Members

How to Invite Your Members to Teamo

Get your members onboard and invite them to join you and your club on Teamo.

Teamo offers easy and simple ways to invite your members onto the platform - all hassle-free!

Invite individuals dirrectly to the platform or share your club's URL link to players to get them involved.

How to Add Members - Mobile Phone

In the top right of your app, you will be able to search for the Add Members pop-up. Copy the URL and share to your club!

How to Invite Members - Desktop

If you are an admin, you should see the admin tools button in the top-right corner, where you can quickly find the Add Member pop-up.

Sending a New Member a 5 Digit Team Code

You can use this method to invite a new member to a particular team within your club!

Can I import my whole club database into Teamo?

While you can do this, we normally do not advise it. You should make sure you have permission from people that you can upload their details to a new platform.

If you have obtained details from other users, you can do the above in the following way.

In the Members Centre, you can either import members from a pre-existing email list OR you can import them from an excel file.

I have some contacts on my phone that I want to invite immediately, how can I do this?

The best way to do this would be to select the 'Invite your Contacts' section. This will take you to your contacts section on your phone, where you will be able to send out SMS messages to your friends.

How do I invite an individual to a specific team?

Click the club icon in the middle of the tab's at the bottom of your app. Then click into your team's bubble. On the right-hand side, you will see a members section. Click this and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the Add Member button, then click Add New Member. This means that once the player has registered and signed up to the club, they will go straight to the team you choose.

How do I invite people to my club?

If you use the search bar and type in Add members, you will see a menu item to click on. Click this to see the pop-up where you can then copy your specific club joining link.

Can I add a player to my team if they already play in the club?

Yes, you are able to do this.

Search for the player and click on their profile. Then scroll down till you see Teams/Groups Profile, there should be a cog beside this. Tap the cog then add them to whichever team you'd like.

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