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Managing Team Pages

Managing Team Pages

Each team within your club can have its own page on the website. You can control which teams have a page, and what's included on that page.

A team page can be made up of the following:

  • Team photo
  • Introduction Text
  • Important Contact
  • Training Times
  • Fixtures and Results
  • Recent News
  • Team-Specific Social Feds
  • Team Calendar Page
  • Team News Page

Click on the link to the tutorial on the left-hand side for information on creating a team page!

Setting up a Team Page

How do I get an article to appear on a team's page?

To get an article appearing on a team's page, you just need to add a tag at the bottom of the article and make sure that tag is for the right team

How do I only show fixtures on the team's calendar page?

In the team page editor, click on Calendar in the top right, and then toggle on the events you want to display in the calendar.

Is it possible to write match reports?

Yes! Find the event you want to write a report for, and then click the 'Write Report' option from the menu in the top right corner.

Do I have to have a page for every team?

No. In the Manage Team Pages area, you can choose exactly which teams you want to be able to add to your website. Once you've turned them to 'Public', you can add them to the menu in your website.

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