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Match Reports

Write a match report

Captains and Managers of a team will immediately see the option to WRITE A MATCH REPORT once a fixture has come to its conclusion.

With a smart template to base the report off, users cannot go too far wrong, they will just have to fill out the relevant and prompted boxes with the relevant information.

The only place they can put blame will be in their writing ability. Teamo has made everything as simple as possible.

"I wasn't present at todays fixture, can I assign the match report to another coach?"

Yes! With Teamo you will get the option to either write up the match report yourself or assign it to another member to fill out.

This ensures a report can always be written informing members of the fixture regardless of whether you were present or not.

"I want my members to be able to view our match report on our website. Is this possible?"

Yes, Teamo allows you to put your match report live on both the website and in the app!

It even allows you to filter which teams can view the report.

How to create a Match Report - Mobile Phone

Note: This process can also be carried out on the Desktop following the same steps!

How to Create a Match Report - Desktop

How do I write a match report?

To create your match report simply click into an event once it's passed under the calendar > click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner > select Write Report > edit you report and put it live!

Can I choose which teams can view the match report?

Yes! When editing your report you can select which teams the report is visible to under Visible to: and select all relevant teams.

How do I customize our match reports?

To Customize your report simply click into the report and click on the editing icons to amend the report as you wish!

On the report, you can edit the following features:

  • Title
  • Date
  • Summary
  • Image
  • Tags
  • Teams the report is visible to
  • Any additional information you wish to add including headers, text, contacts, images, documents, links, tables, and media & text

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