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Membership Status Indictaor

Membership Status Indictaor

Never worry about selecting players who haven't paid.

Keeping track of who has paid their memberships can be tricky, especially at clubs with more than one team. It's difficult to enforce a "No Pay, No Play" policy when captains and team coaches aren't aware of who has paid or not.

Our handy membership status indicators allow all relevant stakeholders to view a player's membership status for selection and match fee purposes.

"I need a way for captains to view who has/has not paid as we are introducing a "No Pay, No Play" policy. "

When selecting players, captains and managers are able to easily see who has and has not paid their membership fees. Green, orange and red dots indicate a player's membership status making it easy to enforce a no pay, no play policy and you can ensure that all selected players are all paid up! Whilst details such as amount paid are confidential between admins and the players, it is useful for captains and coaches to know this information for selection purposes.

"Our players pay different match fees depending on the membership they purchased. Are my captains able to see the membership purchased so they can adjust match fees accordingly?"

When assigning match fees, captains are able to view the type of membership bought. This is not only handy for assigning junior and senior match fees but it also makes it incredibly easy for captains to see who has paid full membership or who is an occasional member, and then assign match fees accordingly. In just a few taps, captains can change the match fee owed. Team Captains or Managers only need to do this once and the amount will be remembered the next time match fees are issued.

"As a captain, can I view my team's payment status in Contacts?"

When clicking on a player's profile - the first thing you see is their Membership Status Indicator allows you to contact them straight away via the Chat function to chase any unpaid fees.

Membership Status Indicator Overview:

How do I turn the membership status feature on?

To make the membership status visible, an admin needs to switch it on. To do this, head to Teamo Web > Manage Club > Payments Center. On the right hand side menu of the Memberships tab, head to Membership Status Settings and select the sections you wish membership status to be visible to team captains/managers.

What do the membership status features mean?

  • Green - Fully paid or up to date with instalment payments
  • Orange - Paid one installment but have fallen behind with instalment payments.
  • Red - Not paid

Where do the membership status indicators show?

The indicators show on a member's profile, team sheets and when setting match fees.

How often are the membership status indicators updated?

If a user has an unpaid membership, the app will check for this in real time.

  • If memberships are due or they have an overdue payment and the membership status indicators are turned on (see above), they will be checked every 5 minutes.
  • If users have a valid, paid membershio, the app will re-check this every 5 days.

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