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Season Statistics

Season Statistics

Keep a record of team results & player performance

Want to keep a record of results and player performance? You can add the match result and statistics to your fixtures. Depending on your sport, you can add Goals, Tries, Assists, Cards, Player of the Match, and more! Take a look at statistics you have added in the full Season Overview which includes match and player statistics too, such as Availability & Selection.

"For Selection purposes, it would be helpful to view how many games a player has been available for."

Managers, captains and admins are able to view selection statistics for every player in the team or club over the course of the season. You will be able to see the availability and selection numbers as well as a percentage of the total games each player was selected for.

"I forgot to record match statistics for a game a few months ago."

There is no problem if you didn't record results and statistics in the app at the time of the game. It's never too late to go back and add this information to your previous fixtures. Similarly, you are able to go back and check previous fixtures if you want to know who scored/the score the last time you played a team for example.

How to record match statistics - Mobile Phone

Note: This process can also be carried out on Desktop by following the same steps!

What statistics can I record?

For a game, you are able to record Goals/Tries, Assists, Cards, Player of the Match, Champagne Moment, and there is also another option that allows you to write a description.

How do I record match statistics?

To add match stats, head to the Calendar and Select the fixture. Select Edit in the top right corner then Add Statistics.

Once added, select Done to save them.

Why do I not have the option to add statistics?

At the moment, you are only able to record statistics if you are a hockey, football, or rugby team. Interested in being able to record statistics for your sport? Then let us know.

Where do I find the availability and statistics overview for my team?

To find the season overview, head to The Club > Teams. Select your team > Full Player Stats

Where can I download the season statistics?

To download season statistics for your team to a spreadsheet/PDF, head to The Club > Teams and select your team. Select Full Player Stats > Download/Print.

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