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Registration Forms

Registration Forms

Create your own custom registration form to gather all member's information in one place.

Registering members and storing their information can take up a lot of volunteer's time. Now, you can gather all members' information including Emergency Contact Details, Medical Information, and Declarations.

When members register, their information is automatically stored in one GDPR-compliant system - removing the need to transfer data across multiple spreadsheets and files.

What about a Privacy Policy?

You can add your own Privacy Policy, such as your Data Protection Privacy Notice. This means that all members agree to both the teamo Terms & Conditions and your Privacy Policy, ensuring that all members understand why personal information is collected before they begin the registration process.

Add any question at any time to any member!

You can add questions throughout the season if you forgot to ask things at the beginning of the season.

You are also able to tailor your questions so they are only seen by members in specific sections.

Download and Review Answers

If you want to download all the information about particular teams or sections, you can do so using our download wizard. Make sure you get consent of all members before you do this!

How to set questions live - Desktop

How to edit registration questions - Desktop

How to download user's answers to your questions - Desktop

Note: Only available on desktop

How do I add a question to the form?

As an admin, you will need to click Manage Club > Registration > Add Question

Can I change information I entered at the start of the season?

Yes, you will be able to do this.

You will need to click into your account by tapping your profile icon, then your name and flick over to the Member info tab.

Here you will be able to edit any questions that were previously set to you.

How do I build my Registation Forms?

To build your own registration form, head into Manage Club > Registration.

From here, you will be able to add questions, preview them, set them live and more.

What access do I need to have to build or edit the registration questions?

You will need to be an admin to access this part of the platform.

Can I preview questions before I make them live?

Yes - You will be able to do this.

Once you make a question, it will not be immediately set live. This means that you can go through your forms before your users to ensure everything is how you want it to be.

If you click into Review Registration Questions, you will be able to 'Preview' questions, live or not for all different types of users. Once you have done this, you can go back into the questions and make any final tweaks before setting them live to your users.

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