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Selection made simple

Selecting a team can often be a long and painful process. However, with all of your player's availability in one place, you can select your team in a few taps and your players are automatically notified on their device, saving you even more time and effort weekly! Once your team is confirmed you can ask players to confirm that they are still available for the match!

After selecting your team you can also start a new fixture chat directly from the event. Allowing you to start talking tactics right away!

"I would like to select a provisional team on Wednesday but not notify my players of the confirmed team until Thursday after training. Is this possible?"

No problem - Teamo's aim is to help you save time and effort and to plan ahead. Our draft selection tool allows you to select your provisional team from your list of players and then make the teamsheet live in just one tap once you are happy with your decision. This allows you to be able to plan in advance and then make any last-minute changes before notifying your players.

"Do I need to create a new group chat each week to discuss match day arrangements with my selected team"

Absolutely not. Once you have selected your team, you will see an option to chat with your selected players only. This will automatically create a chat for you to discuss game day arrangements, such as travel or pre-game tactics, meaning that any unavailable players or anyone who was not selected are not bombarded with irrelevant messages.

"It would be helpful to see an overview of each player's availability to aid selection. Can I view this?"

No problem. You can access all the information you need when it comes to selecting your team. This feature offers team managers and captains a simple overview of any players' availability/attendance and selection for the last 3 and next 3 weeks.

How to select your Team Sheet for a fixture - Mobile Phone

Note: This process can be replicated on Desktop by following the same steps!

How do I select my team?

Head to the Calendar, select the fixture and tap Manage.

To select a player, simply tap their name and choose from the list of options - Select Player or Draft Selection (Managers Only) (see difference below). They will then appear on the Team Sheet.

What is the difference between Select Player and Draft Selection?

Select Player - If you choose Select Player, the player will receive a notification telling them they have been selected for the fixture and will appear on the Teamsheet which is visible to all players.

Draft Selection (Managers Only) - If you choose Draft Selection (Managers Only), only other Managers/Captains in that team will be able to view your draft teamsheet. Players will NOT be notified that they have been selected for the fixture until you choose to make the teamsheet live.

I have made a draft selection. How do I now make this live?

Once you have made your draft selection, head to the Teamsheet tab and select the Set Team Sheet Live button at the bottom of the Teamsheet. You will then have the choice to Set the Teamsheet Live or Set Live & Notify players.

I selected a player, but now need to remove them from the teamsheet. Can I do this?

To remove a player from the Teamsheet, head to the fixture and tap Manage.

Select the player you wish to remove and choose Unselect. The player will be notified that they have been removed from the teamsheet.

Will players be notified when they are selected?

If you choose Select Player, players will be immediately notified that they have been selected. If you select Draft Selection, players will NOT be notified and you will have the option to notify them when you decide to put your teamsheet live.

Can players confirm that they have seen that they've been selected?

If you wish to ask your players to confirm that they have seen that they've been selected, please head to the Calendar and select your event. Tap Edit in the top right corner > Advanced Settings.

Toggle On/Off Players confirm selection and players will be asked to tick a box to confirm that they have read all match day details and are ready for the game.

How do I start a chat with my selected team?

To start a chat with your selected team, head to the Calendar and select your event. Tap Manage and select the Chat icon at the bottom of the Teamsheet.

Can I share my teamsheet to social media or a webpage?

Yes, to do this head to the Calendar, select your event tap the Share icon in the top right corner.

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