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Selection Manager

Selection Manager

Selection solved for all teams

With the Selection Manager, you can select your teams with a simple overview of player availability each week, allowing you to select your strongest team week in, week out. This simple drag and drop display allows you to move players into the team sheet and even move players between teams so that you get a full squad to each fixture.

"I would like to provisionally select my team but wait to notify players after Wednesday night training. Is this possible?"

Select your team and save it as a draft! Come back to your draft at any time and then submit your final team! Players will not receive notifications or be able to view the draft so you can keep changing it until you are happy with the team.

"I would like to start a group chat with only the players I have selected for the weekend game"

After finalising your teams, without leaving the selection manager, why not start a group chat with your selected players to discuss match day arrangements such as drivers and match teas. This means there is no need to bother any players who were not selected that weekend. It's also super easy to message individuals if you wanted to let them know why they were moved to a different team!

"We are only able to have players over the age of 14 playing senior fixtures at the weekend."

No problem - with the Selection Manager, it shows a player's age if they are Under 18, so admins, coaches and managers will know the age of players during selection for fixtures.

Selection manager walk through and example - Desktop

Where can I find the Selection Manager?

Use the desktop version of Teamo and head to Manage Club > Selection Manager.

I cannot find the Selection Manager option on my mobile.

The Selection Manager is a desktop-only tool so you need to head to Teamo on the web to be able to access Selection Manager.

Who is able to view and edit teams in the Selection Manager?

Admins and Club Section Managers have access to edit all teams. Captains will be able to edit their own team and view other squads availability and selection, but will not be able to make changes to other teams.

How can I select a player?

To select a player, click on their name and this will bring up the players profile on the right hand side and select Edit Selection and choose the team you wish to select them for.

How do I select multiple players at once?

Turn the Toggle on for Multiple and Move in the far right column under the For Big Lists. Click the players you wany to move, select Move and then choose a fixture to assign them to.

How can I add a player position or number?

Once you have selected a player, click the tab on the right hand side of their name to add a Position or Number.

How can I save my team sheets as a draft?

Select Save and Exit. You will then be asked to Exit or Review. To save changes, select Review. Once you are happy with this select Proceed. Finally choose either save as Draft or Final. NB players will be notified if you select Final.

How can I change a player's event role?

Once you have selected your team, you can change their event role by clicking on the '?' icon next to their name and choosing their role in the team e.g. Coach/Umpire/Manager

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