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Site Structure & Pages

Site Structure & Pages

Building your Site Structure

Building your site structure is all done within the Page Manager section in the website area. From here you can build your main menu using the panel on the left-hand side. The main menu can contain a maximum of 6 items.

When you create a menu item you have the following options:

  • Create a new page
  • Create a sub-menu
  • Link to an external URL
  • Link to a team page
  • Link to a page you've already created/already exists on the website

If you're building a website completely from scratch, it might be easiest to build your menu structure before you start adding any content. You can edit the menu at any point if you need to change things. The items in the menu can be re-ordered using the grippers to the left of each title.

Watch our tutorial to see more!

Creating Pages

Types of Pages

Information - These pages are used for the majority of pages on club websites. In these pages you can embed text, images, contacts, tables and more!

News Article - News articles can be used to write news stories or bulletins for your club members. You can use tags to make the article appear on your news index, Latest News on the homepage and on the relevant team page(s). News articles build in the same way as information pages but with the addition of tags.

News Index - This is where your news articles will appear once you have tagged them as 'News'. You can choose to auto-include match reports that have been made public.

Calendar - Calendar pages will show events for whichever teams you select, pulling these events directly from Teamo to populate the calendar. You can choose whether you want to show fixtures, training and socials, as well as choosing which teams in your club appear on the calendar.

Contact - This option allows you to create a contact form for your club. The recipients of the contact form can be edited in the Site Settings panel in the website area. You can add multiple contacts so different enquiries can be directed to the necessary person.

Content Blocks

Information pages and news articles both use "content blocks" to be created. These content blocks can be added, edited, reordered and deleted at any point. The types of content that can be entered on a page are:

  • Headers (and sub-headers)
  • Text
  • Images & Videos
  • Documents
  • Tables
  • Contacts
  • Links
  • Images & Text (side by side)

Building your Main Menu - Desktop

This video outlines how to build the main menu of your website, not how to build individual pages.

Creating a Page - Desktop

Whilst this video demonstrates how to build an information page, news articles are built using the same content blocks. The only difference is that news articles will need 'tags' added to them to make them appear in your news index and latest news. Head to the FAQs on the left-hand side to find out more about creating a news article.

How do I create a news article?

Head to Page Manager in the Website area of Teamo desktop. Open the left hand side menu and click on the big plus (+) sign at the bottom of the menu. Give the page a title, name and header image. When selecting the layout/template, choose News Article.

How do I make news article appears in the News Index and Latest News Sections?

Once you’ve written your news article, you need to add ‘tags’ for it to appear in the relevant places. These can be added at the bottom of the article when you edit the page content. For it to appear in the news section, you should tag it as ‘News’ and ‘Article’. If you want it to appear in the ‘Latest News’ on the homepage of the site, you should also add a tag for a club section(s). If the article is about one specific team, you can also tag it to that team, then it will also appear in that team’s news page.

How to I delete a page?

Head to Page Manager in the Website area of Teamo desktop. Open the left hand side menu and click on Pages at the bottom of the menu. Here you will see a list of the pages you’ve created for your website. By each page you will see a red cross (X), use this to delete the relevant page.

Is there a limit of how many menu items we can have?

In the main menu you can have a maximum of 6 items. If you create sub-menus within your main menu, these can have unlimited items in them but we recommend not going over board!

I've tagged a news article but it's not appearing on the website?

Once you've added the tags to an article, you will need to re-publish the article and the news index. To re-publish a page, click on the edit button in the top right corner, then 'Re-publish page'. You may need to do this for the homepage too if the article is not appearing in the latest news.

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