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Behind the scenes at East London Hockey Club, a dedicated group of individuals forms the backbone of our community. Our volunteer committee members are the unsung heroes who ensure the seamless operation of our club, making every season a success.

From the Chairperson steering our vision to the Treasurer managing our finances, each role plays a vital part in shaping our club's future. The Hockey Development Officer giving us all the opportunity to get out on the pitch and play on a weekly basis, while the Youth Development Officer nurtures the next generation of talent. Umpire Liaisons, Fixtures Secretaries, and Social Secretaries ensure our games and events run smoothly.

Their collective dedication, expertise, and tireless efforts make ELHC a thriving, inclusive, and successful club. Join us in celebrating their commitment to the sport we love, as they continue to elevate our hockey experience year after year.

Executive Committee


Roger Lilleystone, a founding member with Brian Willoughby and very proud to still be here 30+ years on of our existence. During this time I have had the privilege of captaining every men's team (at some time!!) Still waiting to win the lottery to buy a pitch and clubhouse, but dreaming is good !!


The role: The Chairperson is the driving force behind the club, responsible for its strategic direction, overall well-being, and successful operation. Their leadership and vision are essential to the club's growth and the fulfilment of its mission.

23/24 Chair: Charlotte Burge,

Joined the club in 2013 and currently is the goalkeeper for our Women's 4's. Has worn many hats in the club including Tour Sec, ULO, Festival Director, secretary, women’s club captain.

Favourite club memory: Blackpool 2015, my first tour with the Club and when I really felt part of the ELHC family. Met so many great people and had an utterly mad time

CONTACT: chair@elhockey.co.uk


The role: The Secretary of a sports club, such as East London Hockey Club, holds a crucial administrative role responsible for managing and organising club documentation and communication.

23/24 Secretary: Verity Turner, having been a former captain and Sponsorship officer Verity took on the role for this coming season.

CONTACT: elhcsec@gmail.com


The role: The Treasurer plays a critical role in managing the financial aspects of a sports club like East London Hockey Club. They manage memberships, and all associated costs of the club. They work with a team of 2 deputy treasurers and the club captains closely.

22/23 Treasurer: Annie Brown,

CONTACT: elhctreasury@gmail.com

Deputy Treasurers - Abby Taylor & Beth Walton

Abby : Joined in 2017, Play and co-captain of the W8s

Favourite moment of ELHC, too many to choose from but the best thing is the friends I’ve made (so cheesy) And the fact I always have something to do on a Saturday. Probably the funniest was introducing the lizards to the Rusty and launching these across the room.

Beth: I joined the club last year (in 2022) and I play for the 8s. My favourite ELHC memory is when I brought my team to infernos for a grad night out🍾🤠

Welfare Officer

The role: The role of the Welfare Officer, particularly in a sports club like East London Hockey Club, is crucial in ensuring the safety, well-being, and safeguarding of all club members, especially children and vulnerable adults. Their responsibilities include aspects related to safeguarding and DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks.

23/24 Welfare Officer - Stephy Roberts

Diversity & Inclusion Officer

The role: The Diversity and Inclusion Officer's role is to create a club environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and included, regardless of their background or identity. They work to eliminate barriers to participation and ensure that the club reflects the diversity of the community it serves.

23/24 Diversity & Inclusion Officer - Cleo Lynn,

Playing Commitee

Hockey Development Officer

The role: The role of a Hockey Development Officer (HDO) within a hockey club, such as East London Hockey Club, is focused on the growth and development of the sport at various levels. Here's a breakdown of their responsibilities:

23/24 Hockey Development Officer: Steve Canwell, long term member and coach Steve is integral to the strategic planning of the development of the playing side of the club.

CONTACT: elhchdo@gmail.com

Deputy Hockey Development Officer - Rose McCourt

Women's Club Captain

The role: the Women's Club Captain is not just a captain on the field but also a leader, motivator, and advocate for the women's teams within the club. Their role is instrumental in creating a positive and successful environment for female players and ensuring that the women's teams thrive within the broader context of the club. They are supported by two deputy club captains in their tasks.

23/24 Women's Club Captain: Becky Soanes,

East London Women’s Club Captain for the 2nd Year.

Play for W4’s and Co-Captain with Jenny Keogh 

Previously Deputy Club Captain and W3’s Captain.

Joined the club in 2017

CONTACT - elhcwomen@gmail.com

Deputy Women's Club Captains - Kim Wan & Bella Skeates

Men's Club Captain

The role: As the guiding force behind our male players, they set the standards for teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication. They work closely with coaches to refine strategies, inspire peak performance, and foster camaraderie among our players.

23/24 Men's Club Captain: Andy Fox, Andy also holds the role of our coach liason office who co-ordinates our volunteer and paid coaching teams.

CONTACT - elhcmensclubcaptains@gmail.com

Deputy Men's Club Captains - Carney Batteni & Callum Greer

Fixtures Secretary

The Role: The Fixtures Secretary in a hockey club like East London Hockey Club is a pivotal role responsible for organizing and managing the schedule of matches and competitions for the club's teams.

23/24 Fixtures Secretary: Stacey West,

CONTACT - elhcfixtures@gmail.com

Umpire Liason Officers

The Role: The Umpire Liaison Officer in a hockey club like East London Hockey Club plays a critical role in managing and coordinating umpires for matches and ensuring the smooth conduct of games.

23/23 Umpire Liason Secretaries - Luke Jeffries & Ben Jacklin,

CONTACT - elhcumpires@gmail.com

Operations Committee

Social Secretaries

The role: The role of Social Secretaries in a hockey club like East London Hockey Club is centered around organising and managing social events and activities that foster camaraderie, team spirit, and a vibrant club culture.

23/24 Social Secretaries - Jenny Keogh & Aaron Cope

Communications Officers

The role: The communications officers are responsible for managing the club's external and internal communications. This includes handling social media, newsletters, and other communication channels.

23/24 Communications Officers - Emily White & Marie de Groot

Emily White:

Joined in 2022 and plays for our Women's 2's

Favourite Club memory: Ge breaking her ankle in at Friday night lights

Marie de Groot:

Joined in 2022 and currently plays for the W7s

Favourite Club Memory: Skittle-gate with W8s at the Pro League

Kit Officer

The role: The Kit Officer in a hockey club like East London Hockey Club is responsible for managing and maintaining the club's sports equipment, uniforms, and medical supplies.

23/24 Kit Officer - Jack West,

CONTACT - elhckit@gmail.com

Tour Secretary

The role: The role of the Tour Secretary in a hockey club, such as East London Hockey Club, involves planning, organising, and coordinating all aspects of club tours.

23/24 Tour Secretary - Joe May,

CONTACT - elhctours@gmail.com

Deputy Tour Secretary - Alex Bell

East London Hockey Club Festival Directors

The role: The Festival Directors plays a pivotal role in creating a memorable and enjoyable festival or tour experience for club members and external participants. Their organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to coordinate a diverse range of activities are essential for the successful execution of this significant club event.

23/24 Festival Directors - Stacey West & Mike Kennedy,

Sponsorship & Fundraising Officer

The role: The Sponsorship & Fundraising Officer plays a critical role in securing financial support for the hockey club. They work diligently to build partnerships with sponsors, create effective fundraising campaigns, and manage financial resources to ensure the club's financial health and continued growth. Their efforts contribute significantly to the club's ability to provide quality experiences for its members and achieve its long-term goals.

23/24 Sponsorship Officer - WE NEED YOU!


Youth Hockey

Youth Development Officer

The role: The Youth Development Officer plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the club's youth players have access to quality coaching, a safe and inclusive environment, and opportunities for both skill development and personal growth. Their dedication to nurturing young talent is vital for the future success of the club and the sport of hockey in the community.

23/34 Youth Development Officer - Toby Churchley

CONTACT - elhcyouth@gmail.com

Deputy Youth Development Officer - Jack West

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