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East London End Of Season 2024

06 May 2024
East London End Of Season 2024


On April 13th, we celebrated the culmination of another successful hockey season with an unforgettable end-of-season awards party. The night was filled with laughter, drinks, dancing, and heartfelt celebrations of the year's achievements.

The highlight of the evening was the announcement of the award winners, each recognized for their outstanding contributions and performances throughout the season.

Abby Taylor was honored as the Volunteer of the Year, while Marijn Veelers received the Rookie of the Year award. Cleo Lyn was celebrated as the Coach of the Year, and Max Turner was acknowledged as the Umpire of the Year. Marie de Groot claimed the title of Top Goal Scorer, and Emily White received the Fair Play Award. Kieran Allgood and Alice Donlon were recognized as the Most Improved Man and Woman, respectively. The Rusty Bike Most Social award was eagerly anticipated, though the winner's name was left blank.

Sophia Chu was awarded the Coaches Player accolade, and Laurie Andrews was named Youth Player of the Year. The first fifteen medal recipients were Toby, Soanes, and Foxy. Callum Greer and Bella Skates were crowned Club Man and Woman of the Year, respectively.

Individual team players were also celebrated for their exceptional performances throughout the season. Joe Green, Paul Taylor, Henry Ellis, Isaac Quinton, Woody Clarke, Ryan O’Hanlan, James Phipps Carter, and Kwame Owusu Boateng were named Players of the Season for the M1s through M8s teams. Similarly, Kath Round, Rose McCourt, Sarah Augustine, Mimi Pincott, Alice Donlon, Charlotte Shaw, Melanie Hale, Lara Brown, and Laurie Andrews were recognized as Players of the Season for the L1s through L9s teams.

Overall, the end-of-season awards party was a fantastic evening of camaraderie and celebration, marking the close of another memorable hockey season.

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