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Teamo is our Club Management system

Teamo provides us with our own app and GDPR compliant communications platform that allows members to keep up-to-date with everything at the Club. 

  • Teamo is our membership system - all members must to be registered on Teamo
  • Teamo is your convenient way to pay for match fees and other events (membership still being discussed)
  • Teamo is how players show availability for fixtures/training and how captains select their teams and communicate team sheets and logistics
  • Teamo is your club calendar for all fixtures, training and social events
  • Teamo is how the club will communicate with all members, using chat and email.

Register on Teamo

  • To register and join the club, click the button below
  • There's no payment needed to register - only when you decide you want to be a member.

Please use the relevant guide to help you with registration:

  • Adult player registration (no child to register)
  • Adult player registration (with child to register too)
  • Non-playing parent/guardian registration

  • Harpenden Hockey Club - Adult Registration Guide 2023.pdf
  • Harpenden Hockey Club - Playing Parents Guide 2023.pdf
  • Harpenden Hockey Club - Non-Playing Parents Registration Guide 2023.pdf

Player's one-page guide to using Teamo

The guide shows how to mark your availability and see which team you are selected for and to confirm your acceptance of selection. Please make sure you are familiar with the process as this will allow captains and coaches to select and publish teams seamlessly.

Teamo for Captains/Managers and Coaches

Simple and generic guide for captains provided by Teamo

  • Teamo Captains & Managers Guide (3).pdf

Teamo Video Tutorials

Selection through Teamo App

Selecting a team can often be a long and painful process. However, with all of your player's availability in one place, you can select your team in a few taps and your players are automatically notified on their device, saving you even more time and effort weekly! Once your team is confirmed you can ask players to confirm that they are still available for the match!

Selection Manager

Selection Manager, you can select your teams with a simple overview of player availability each week, allowing you to select your strongest team week in, week out. This simple drag and drop display allows you to move players into the team sheet and even move players between teams so that you get a full squad to each fixture.

Track Players Attendance

Keep a register at your training sessions to track player attendance week on week and view it to identify trends in attendance so you can see those who have been committed and chase the ones who have been slacking.

Recording Match Statistics

Need to keep a record of results and player performance? You can add the match result and statistics to your fixtures. You can add Goals, Assists, Cards, Player of the Match, and more! Take a look at statistics you have added in the full Season Overview which includes match and player statistics too, such as Availability & Selection

Set up your Payment Card in Teamo

All match fees will be tracked in teamo, once allocated by your team captains. To give the club more transparency on who's played matches and any outstanding payments, all match fees are to be paid online via teamo app.

You need to add a Payment Card to the secure "wallet" in teamo so that you can pay for match fees, social tickets etc. The club will be using Stripe for all online payment processing. (Note - membership for 2023/24 season will still be paid via BACS payment, this might change next season 2024/25).

Follow guide below to set up your payment card:

  • In the app, tap your profile picture (top left corner) to see the menu.
  • Tap the Payment Card icon, labelled "Payments"
  • Tap the Payment Card icon top right corner.
  • Tap "Add Payment Card", a further box will be displayed to add your payment information. Stripe accepts Debit/Credit cards.
  • (You can add more than one card, but one has to be the "Default" card)

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