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Etiquette of play

Pétanque Wallingford - Etiquette of play

Pétanque is usually a friendly, social game and most competitions are played in a sporting but friendly atmosphere. Aside from playing by the rules, the following points below will enhance your enjoyment of the game and camaraderie with fellow players.

At Club social sessions a throw-in takes place to decide the teams for play:

  • Players should choose which terrain they want to play on before the start of play and join the throw-in for that terrain.
  • If only a small number of players are available for a session, members should agree amicably how to split the play so as to ensure there are sufficient for an enjoyable game or games on one or both terrains.
  • Please respect the choices of others, be flexible and please treat each other with courtesy.

Points to note:

  • If you arrive after play has started, wait until an end has finished before joining in.
  • If you are playing and others are waiting, better to regroup and include the waiting players.
  • Don’t walk across a piste if a game is in progress or someone is practising shooting.
  • Communicate with your teammates to decide your strategy and tactics.
  • The view from the circle is often deceptive. It’s always good to examine the boules close up before discussing where to play your next boule.
  • Please do not criticise teammates if they miss or even accidentally shoot out one of your team’s boules.
  • Be considerate and respectful when people are playing. Please observe the two metre rule (keeping at least two metres away from a player in the circle) as well as being quiet and standing still, but not in the sight-line of the player.
  • The members of the team not throwing should be beyond the cochonnet or behind the person playing a boule, also observing the two metre rule.
  • Measuring is the responsibility of the team who played the last boule.
  • If your team has played all their boules you must now step back. It is improper (and against the rules) to disrupt your opponents by walking to the cochonnet and checking or measuring boules.
  • The score should be agreed by both teams before players pick up their boules.

Enjoy your games – respect the other players and the spirit of pétanque.

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