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Feature Focus: Club Organisation

19 June 2022
Feature Focus: Club Organisation

With Teamo you can manage, edit and add your Teams/Groups!

Create multiple teams and groups under your Club Structure to keep your club communications relevant and in order. You can set up as many sections, and also as many teams as you like under the section. Members can also be placed in as many teams as needed.

Keep reading to find out more. Why not refresh your memory with a quick summary if you are a current user?


Teamo is designed to suit small clubs with a few teams, to large multi-section clubs with 1000’s of members and 100’s of teams

Teamo treats your club as a hierarchical tree of groups, with different levels throughout!

  • Differentiate between teams and sections with customised icons

You can give each team a different colour icon to help you easily identify each team/group or section. These icons can also be given custom initials or emojis and appear on the calendar next to events, meaning if you are a member of more than one team, you can easily view which event applies to which team.

  • How many teams or groups can I have?

Unlimited. You can add as many teams/groups or sections as you need to your club structure.

  • How can I change the order that my teams appear?

To re-order your teams and groups, select Reorder. Grippers will appear on the right-hand side of each team/group. Use the grippers to drag and drop and move your teams around.

Labelling Your Club

Teamo learns how your club works by letting you give the groups in your club structure different labels to define how they function and what they do:

Club Sections:

These split your club into parts that require administrable tasks 


These sub-sections allow you to divide parts of a section further - for example, if you have an age group squad or a training squad, which will make up multiple teams


These are what you assign fixtures to certain groups of your tree that can be kept unlabelled if not required e.g. training squads of the non-playing member's group

Registration groups:

Where users enter the club structure after they register

When you set up your club, you can invite members to join specific groups, the choice is a list of groups labelled as registration groups

For example, if you wanted your members to join the junior section vs the senior section each of these should be labelled as registration groups

Club Roles

Your club members fit into the structure, from players to managers and club admins

  • Players:

The members of your club which make up the groups in your structure

  • Guardians:

The members of your club who are the given guardian for junior players 

  • Team manager/captain:

Members of teams responsible for managing team logistics  

  • Manager of section:

Those overseeing the running of specific sections of the club structure 

Their position in the club structure effects the flow of information

From where a manager is, they can see down the ‘tree’ and what they do will impact the rest of the structure below them. E.g. using Teamomail - what they send will go to whatever parts are below the recipient group in the tree.

  • Club admin:

Individuals responsible for overseeing management of the whole club structure 

Members often have multiple roles in a club and can fit on different points of the structure 

We hope you have found this quick guide handy. If you have any questions, send us a message through Support Chat in the App!

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