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Feature Focus: Club Socials

03 July 2022
Feature Focus: Club Socials

With Teamo you can ensure your club is always up to date with the latest team sheets, fixtures, and results!

Teamo makes it easy for you to share all of your club's news on your respective social media accounts with smart and customizable templates so you can push out information at a click of a button. As well as this Teamo allows your club to pull your social feeds onto Teamos newsfeed so your members never miss the latest.

Keep reading to find out more. Why not refresh your memory with a quick summary if you are a current user?

Get Social

With Teamo it's never been easier to create quality social posts to put out to your social channels, ensuring your members stay informed on your latest fixtures.

Our #GetSocial feature allows you to customize your own social posts for team sheets and final result posts. In this way, you can download a Teamo graphic within 30 seconds all at the touch of a button. No messing about inputting who is playing who manually, or how many goals the 3’s scored this weekend. This will be auto-generated through Teamo.

  • To create your post, simply click on the relevant fixture and start creating! This includes being able to choose between a variety of different design templates, text options, colour palettes, and other advanced options!

  • Whilst creating the graphic, you will be given the option of whether you wish to download the image by itself, or do you want to download the video of all of this being built.

  • If you choose to download the video, you can also download the best format for a reel, which we would recommend! Reels will allow you more options within your post, with access to a music library and more filters than a normal video thrown up on Instagram.

Match Reports

Captains and Managers of a team will immediately see the option to WRITE A MATCH REPORT once a fixture has come to its conclusion.

  • With a smart template to base the report off, users cannot go too far wrong, they will just have to fill out the relevant and prompted boxes with the relevant information.

  • With Teamo you will get the option to either write up the match report yourself or assign it to another member to fill out. This ensures a report can always be written informing members of the fixture regardless of whether you were present or not.

How do I customize our match reports?

To Customize your report simply click into the report and click on the editing icons to amend the report as you wish!

On the report, you can edit the following features:

  • Title
  • Date
  • Summary
  • Image
  • Tags
  • Teams the report is visible to

Any additional information you wish to add including headers, text, contacts, images, documents, links, tables, and media & text


The perfect place to share your match day photos, videos and results

All members can keep track of everything going on in other teams, as well their own team with the Newsfeed. Make sure no one misses out on important information. Posts on the Newsfeed will immediately appear on the Member's dashboard when they open the app.

Admins will have options to control who can post on the Newsfeed. Head to Manage Club > Edit Club Details and scroll down to Newsfeed Permissions.

Choose from:

  • Admins Only,
  • Committee Members Only,
  • Captains,
  • Managers and Committee Members,
  • All Members (+18) and Guardians

  • If you want to go the extra mile to personalise your newsfeed, you can add your existing social media to Teamo, which will then pull in any posts you make there.

  • Thus making your social media posts gain a wider viewing audience, giving users more than one chance to see your post.

  • To do this, head to Manage Club > Edit Club Details and enter your Instagram handle (Must be a business page) or add your Twitter handle.

We hope you have found this quick guide handy. If you have any questions, send us a message through Support Chat in the App!

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