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  • To register and join the club, click the button below ( Club Registration York Acorn RLC )
  • There's no payment needed to register - only when you decide you want to be a member.



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Teamo is our Club Management System

Teamo provides us with our own app and GDPR compliant communications platform that allows members to keep up-to-date with everything at the Club. 

  • Teamo is our membership system - all members must to be registered on Teamo
  • Teamo is your convenient way to pay for membership, and other events
  • Teamo allows payment by instalments - but only if you make the first payment in January
  • Teamo is how players show availability for fixtures/training and how coaches select their teams and communicate team sheets and logistics
  • Teamo is your club calendar for all fixtures, training and social events
  • Teamo is how the club will communicate with all members, using chat and email.

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PBH Rail Group
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