About the Women's Teams

The 9 women's teams covers a range of abilities. The women's 1st team has been promoted into their new league, England Hockey Conference East, joining National League for the first time in Spencer HC’s history. 2nd to 7th teams are social teams but all play competitive hockey and are very close in ability. The Sapphires are made up of a large squad of Spencer players who require flexibility in their commitment whilst also being able to play competitive hockey to a high standard. The Women's 9th team is primarily made up of juniors, which is used as a development team to support the transition from junior to senior hockey.

Our Teams

  • W1 England Hockey League East Conference
  • W2 London Div 2 South
  • W3 London Div 2 South
  • W4 London Div 3 South
  • W5 London Div 3 North
  • W6 London Div 4 SW
  • W7 London Div 6 SW
  • Sapphires Div 4 SE
  • W9 London Div 7 SW

Our Partners

Chelwood Partners
BCB Group
Chelwood Partners
BCB Group
Lonodn Hockey
England Hockey
Lonodn Hockey
England Hockey
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