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Product Update: December 2022

07 December 2022
Product Update: December 2022

A whole load of updates, just in time for Christmas!

Throughout the last few weeks, we have been tweaking away to make sure Teamo includes everything you could ever want. We have also been patching a few things up and making improvements to already existing parts of the platform. Below, we have a brief synopsis of the changes and additions we have made for you:

New: Membership Cards

New membership cards have been added to your profile so you can quickly show people what membership you have for the club.

You will see one card for each family member to distinguish all the different memberships you each have!

To find your card, click your profile icon and then the card icon to the side of your image!

Improved: Refund Information

Want to stay on top of refunded payments? Well now you can! The reports section of the payments centre now contains more information regarding refunded payments. Simply head to the reports tab and set your date range. If there have been any refunded payments you’ll now see a ‘refunded’ tab. You can click into this and sort by refund date to get an overview of refunds in a specific time period.

New: Match Fee Indicator

One massive tool for the treasurers! There is now a new tool within Teamo, that will allow you to quickly scan through which games have match fees assigned and which games don’t. 

Why would we want this?

Well, if one team within your club fail to allocate match fees each week, your club could be missing out on £1100*

That is why we have deemed it super important to be able to check which teams are assigning their match fees. You can find this useful toggle in the ‘Edit Club Details’ section of the platform, with a simple ‘Match Fees Assigned’ toggle within. 

Once turned on, you will be able to scroll through your calendar within the (desktop) and see which games have assigned fees and which one’s don’t!

*Based on £5 match fee for 11 players. 20 games per season

New: Deferred Payments

A potentially MASS MONEY SAVER! Transaction fees currently eat away at club’s finances each time members try to pay for things, whether that is their training fees, subs or end of season social tickets. 

But, this will be no more! We have figured out a way to stop the repeat transaction fees and allow people to stack their payments and pay them all in one go, therefore only pay one transaction fee!

This could save your club hundreds of pounds. And, only a little bit of admin is needed on your side of it all. Simply set your deferred limit, then decide which products you are happy to have deferred, then get started!

Obviously, if you defer everything, it might be a while before you receive any payment, so pick a figure that will save you money, but try not to make it so big that you wait ages for people to hit this amount. 

More information can be found here.

New: Emoji Special Effects

Just in time for the Holiday Season, Teamo have decided to add a few presents for you within the chats. If you send a select few emoji’s your screen will be lit up with festive cheer. A quick synopsis can be found below:

Party Poppers - 🎉 For each party popper you send in your chat, an explosion of confetti will fly across your screen. Use this in case of a big celebration!

Snowflake - ❄️ As it’s christmas, we couldn’t not include a snowflake into our bonus features! See your screen filled with snow if you send a load of these into your chat messages!

Fireworks- 🎆 How could you get to one of the most celebrated times fo the year and not need to send out fireworks to your team! Everytime you send one of these emoji’s be prepared for your screen to light up like the night sky!

Starstruck - 🤩 See something that amazes you? Pop one of these into your chat to see your screen light up with stars flying all over the place! Great to express gratitude during the festive time.

Improved: Teamomail

There have been some important improvements to Teamomail functionality too. Now all cancelled events will show your club sponsors! Further fixes to Teamomail means that now when you attach a PDF file, you will no longer see it duplicated in your email. Both of these fixes have been live for a little while now, if you are still experiencing any issues, please get in touch with Teamo Support. 

New: Deleting Messages in Chat

Finally, we have made more chat upgrades. This time in regards to the functionality options that users and admins have. Most importantly, there is now an option for an admin to ‘delete’ a message. This will hide it and effectively stop other people from seeing the message, however admins will be able to see the message and be able to make a report of it. This allows us to stay compliant with our anti-bullying policies and allows the club to hide any sensitive or inappropriate information immediately.

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