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Feature Focus: Personalised App Design

10 April 2023
Feature Focus: Personalised App Design

Create an app that engages your members!

Personalise your Teamo app with colours, images, and logos to give it a professional edge. Creating an amazing-looking club couldn't be easier. All you have to do is pick what you want to be shown and where.

Making your players feel at home in Teamo promotes a sense of unity and pride for members representing the club - increasing player engagement.

Keep reading to find out more. Why not refresh your memory with a quick summary if you are a current user?


  • With Teamo you can make your app your own. It couldn’t be easier to add your club's branding with the touch of a button so your players feel at home and your platform reflects your club.
  • Keep everything constantly up-to-date. Changing things is often a hassle, especially within a club if they rebrand and change things up. Change your branding within Teamo within seconds.
  • Bring more engagement to your club website! You can use Teamo to your advantage and drive people to your website. With the option to have a constant link to your website on your dashboard, it makes it accessible for players in one tap.
  • To customize your Teamo site now head over to Manage Club and click App Design. It couldn't be easier


  • Within Teamo you can choose from a range of basic to advanced colours to ensure your platform reflects your club's colours how you’d like.
  • You can even ensure you use branded chats so the colours stay consistent throughout.
  • Your club has a unique colour? No problem, With Teamo you can easily scan your club's kit/logo to ensure your app colour perfectly reflects the colour of your club. Simply point your camera at the colour and see how Teamo effortlessly uses this colour to customise your club's platform.
  • You can even choose to use a secondary colour to give your club that additional level of personalization.

“We choose Teamo over the others because of the design of the app!" - Wilmslow Hockey Club Admin


  • No Logo? No Problem! If your club does not have a logo yet, do not worry! You can find one from an online search, or you can proceed without one and use your cover photo until you get one.
  • If your club does have a logo, even better! With Teamo you can add this logo in straight from your device or simply search for your club logo from the web and import it straight into your platform.
  • Once you’ve selected an appropriate logo you’re then free to customize how your logo appears within the platform including its shape, appearance, and location within the app. 

Cover Image

  • Easily add a cover image to your club's profile to add even more personalisation to your platform.
  • With Teamo you can easily upload an image from your device or simply search the web for any relevant images.

We hope you have found this quick guide handy. If you have any questions, send us a message through Support Chat in the App!

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