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Feature Focus: Use Teamo for Payments

13 March 2023
Feature Focus: Use Teamo for Payments

Gone are the days where you are rustling in your bag after a match to try and find your wallet, praying you have enough cash to cover your match fee. All these panics are alleviated when your club uses Teamo. Keep reading to find out more. Why not refresh your memory with a quick summary if you are a current user?

Create Products

  • For members to pay, first you will need to create products for them to purchase.
  • Feel free to make as many products as you want, we understand that clubs and members have different circumstances so flexibility is something we have worked hard on to accommodate this fact. 
  • Create Match Fees/Training Fees/Social Tickets, with as much detail as you want. If you want, assign two different match fees to two different people for the same game depending on circumstances EG: If one plays the whole game and one only gets on as a sub.
  • Memberships can be set to be paid in installments to make people's lives easier. Multiple memberships can be created to allow students, coaches and regular members to pay different amounts.
  • Alternatively, create concessions allowing you to reward those at your club who volunteer and help out.

"We've had unlimited success with Teamo in our first season of using it especially with the young members who are more readily keen to pay digitally via the app" - Ian Wells, Hursley Park CC

Collect Payments

  • Set up a Stripe or GoCardless account with us and immediately start collecting payments from your members. 
  • Both payment methods can be set up in minutes and are covered by the highest level of security. 
  • Once set up, your members will be able to make payments instantly to the club; allowing them to pay for products such as match fees or memberships with just one click.
  • All payments are automatically marked as paid in the Payment Centre if members pay this way.
  • Do not worry, if members still prefer to pay by cash, you can mark their payment as such.

"Once our club payments were set up within Teamo (which was very easy) we were able to allocate this to all age groups. Now, with just a few clicks of a button, we can see who has paid and how much" - Issy Bennett, Oxted HC

Payment Center

  • See all your club's finances in one place!
  • Easily check who has and has yet to keep up to date with their payments.
  • Easy overview of all members with the ability to search specific sections of the club for a more in-depth view. 
  • Flick between Membership Payments and Ticketed Products (Match Fees, Training Fees and Social Tickets) for a further breakdown on payments due, and payments collected.
  • Colour coordinated system highlighting who has and has yet to keep up to date with payments.
  • Assign tickets or memberships to people regardless of when joined the club.
  • Check individual members' payment history and upcoming payments to ensure an up-to-date picture throughout the season.

With all payments in one place, a phone is the only thing your treasurer or captain will need to have to ensure everyone is paying their match fees week-in week-out. Players will no longer be able to blag their way out of paying their fees and long complicated spreadsheets will be a thing of the past. We hope you have found this quick guide handy. If you have any questions, send us a message through Support Chat in the App!

Deferred Payments

  • With the aim of saving the club hundreds of pounds each year in transaction fees.
  • Use it to collect grouped transaction fees on match fees and ticketed products.
  • Smaller payments can be grouped together so that the 20p or 15p is only paid once instead of multiple times!
  • Set a limit on how much a member can defer.
  • The higher you set your deferred payment limit, the greater reward you'll receive in savings!

Deferred payments need a limit and payment expiry date, which can be done on the club products page. You can also choose which products you want to allow deferred payments on. For more information on deferred payments check out our deferred payments blog here

"As a club with a huge playing membership we needed a way of keeping track of match fees and membership subscriptions easily, Teamo allowed us to do that with very little fuss. In our first season using the app we used it for match fees and selection but this year we are adding membership as well. It's a great change and has made it much easier to keep track of membership subscriptions." - Sam Keenan, Streatham and Marlborough Cricket Club

That's all for now! We love to hear your feedback so please get in touch and share your comments!

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