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06 February 2023

Social Media posts are hard. You have to create a cool graphic, then change the colours to fit your club, all whilst manually entering all of the information every single week.

You will be delighted to hear that we have fixed some of your headaches for you.

Our #GetSocial tool is becoming stronger and more powerful. You might have noticed it whilst it has been undergoing beta testing, but it has moved from strength to strength. Along with a range of teamsheets, we have added a mass fixture generator coupled (obviously) with a results generator. 

In this way, you can download a Teamo graphic within 30 seconds all at the touch of a button. No messing about inputting who is playing who manually, or how many goals the 3’s scored this weekend. This will be auto-generated through Teamo.

Teams will only need to select their teamsheets or add their results in after the game for this to work perfectly.

But we used to generate a video for this? Are reels the way forward?

Whilst creating the graphic, you will be given the option of whether you wish to download the image by itself, or do you want to download the video of all of this being built.

If you choose to download the video, you can also download the best format for a reel, which we would recommend! Reels will allow you more options within your post, with access to a music library and more filters than a normal video thrown up on Instagram.

Whilst downloading a teamsheet, you will be given several options of how you would like to present the players' names, along with additional information such as player numbers or positions. This can then be customised more to change names, or add any late-minute additions!

Any chance of more updates?

As this is still a relatively new feature, we welcome any feedback. We currently have player walk-outs planned! So will continue to expand this into an exciting feature for all clubs.

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