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January 2024 Product Update

16 January 2024
January 2024 Product Update

Starting 2024 off with a BANG! Things have been swiftly moving forward during the festive period and we have a load of new changes we are excited to bring you. From Alert Banners to a new Multi-tool, check out what we are bringing to you to kick 2024 off.

Alert Banner

A shiny new toy for Admins to roll out in the coming weeks. In the case where drastic action is required (like an unplayable pitch) Admins can put an alert out on EVERY USERS APP. A ticker will roll across their phone with a message. 

Admins will be able to compose a message and set the expiry date of this too! They are then able to pick if they want to display it across their club app, their Teamo site or even both!

Users will instantly see the message pass across their screens and immediately get the message. 

Admins are the only users in the club that can action this. The option to do so can be found within the Manage Club option.

Accessible Text

Chat messages and other areas within Teamo will be sized the same as your regular font size in your phone. Our aim is to make Teamo as accessible as possible and this is one of the first steps in our quest to make the platform for everyone.

+ Tool

Get anywhere in the app immediately from the home page. Our newest multitool will take you anywhere you need to go at the literal touch of a button. From requesting payments to making social media graphics, this will be a big plus to your life (please pardon the pun).

Improved Reports

Training attendance reports have occasionally been labelled as inaccurate, so we have stepped in. If there was a fixture for the team on the same day as training, anyone playing in the game would not count as having attended the training, despite their commitment to the team. 

We have added a small toggle to the training report to include, if the user chooses, to include the match day team. This will mean anyone selected for a fixture on the same day as training will still be marked in the attendance report as attended.

Newsfeed Upgrade

We have launched comments to the Newsfeed. Be the first to congratulate a team for their result over the weekend, offer to pitch in for help around the club, the possibilities are endless. 

Beware, comments can be flagged up and will then need to be reviewed by an admin before they are shown to other users. 

Encourage users to post more photos and videos from their games to let everyone see the great work you are doing!

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