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What's New: June 2022 Product Updates

28 June 2022
What's New: June 2022 Product Updates

Another busy month for product developments here at Teamo! Along with a few small bug fixes, there are lots of updates designed to make running your club even easier.

In-App Match Reports

Match reports can now be written in Teamo!*

Managers and captains will now see a button in any fixture that will enable them to write a match report, or assign the match report writing to another member.

Use the match report builder to write the match report and then admins can decide if the report is made accessible for the whole club, or if it just available for the team to view.

If you're using one of the new TeamoSites, you will also see the match report in the club news, team news and in the event page itself.

You can read more about the new match reporting function in our Match Report blog

*Currently this feature is only available to clubs using TeamoSites, but will be made available to all very soon.

Team Sheet Numbers

Whilst team managers and coaches play an important role in any team, when you select your teamsheet, you just want to know how many players you have selected. Therefore, managers are no longer counted in team sheets. I.e. if you select 15 players and 1 manager, the teamsheet will only say 15 not 16. If the manager is making a guest appearance as a player, simply click on the manager > edit event role > choose 'player or coach', and then they will be included in the total number. Once you've made this change you can save this role for future events if needs be.

Improved Cricket Scores

Whilst in most sports it's easy to work out the winner by determining who scores more goals, points, or sets, cricket can have a few different formats making it hard to determine who's won from a simple calculation.

Therefore, we've added the option to override the calculated score. This includes 'winning draws' and 'losing draws', and also the option to add a reason for the override.

This function should be particularly useful for junior sections playing various different formats of the game.

Desktop Speed Improvements

Following feedback from club admins, we recognised the need to improve the speed of loading for the member's center and payment center so that you can do the tasks you need to do much quicker. Below is a summary of the improvements made over the last few months:

*Based on a club with over 2000 members

April - First load approx 40 seconds* - subsequent loads approx 40 seconds

May - First load approx 12 seconds* - subsequent loads approx 12 seconds

June - First load approx 12 seconds* - subsequent loads approx 2 seconds

If on average you were chopping and changing between the two, or dipping in and out through the day you could now save 30-60 minutes a week!

Website: Feature Request

Got a new Teamo club website and want to publicise upcoming events or feature a big cup final win?

You can now feature events in Teamo on the main reel of your website homepage!

Managers/Captains of events in clubs with a TeamoSite will now see a 'Request to be Featured' button on their events. In the first instance it will appear as a banner in the event. For subsequent events, it will appear as a small star icon in the top corner.

Your webmaster will then approve or decline your request, set an expiry date for your feature and then it will appear on the website. This allows you to keep your website fresh and up to date with very little effort required.

Website: Anti-Spam Email Recognition

Another new feature for our clubs using TeamoSites! We know you don't want your website to be scrapped for email address that will likely be spammed. Therefore we've introduced a system whereby any email address you place on your website that is stored in Teamo, will automatically turn into a contact form, rather than expose the email address itself.

Here's an example for you: if you want to get in touch with us about how we can continue to improve our offering, please get in touch with us at

That's all for now! If you want to book a demo of how to use any of the features mentioned above, get in contact with your account manager or just click on the button below!

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