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Change the rules: Match Reports are easier than ever

27 June 2022
Change the rules: Match Reports are easier than ever

Writing a match report has never been easier

Gone are the days for excuses. With everything being in Teamo, players will now be able to write match reports with more ease than ever.

Match reports are a great way to keep the rest of the club, parents and friends up to date with everything that is happening within the team. Furthermore, players love reading them to see if they get a mention in the report!

In this blog, you will see how Teamo can help you write a high-quality match report for the team, with an option to put live on your club's website!

Write a Match Report

After a fixture, captains and managers will be able to either write a match report themselves, or will be able to assign it to someone in the team.

The template is easy to use and players only need to fill out certain fields as most the information has already been imported for them.

This can either be done in the app or through the desktop. Players could, if they choose write the match at the table 2 seconds after being assigned the report.

Assign a Match Report

Writing a match report every week would get a little demanding if it always falls on the same player. That is why we have added a handy tool that will allow you to assign the match report to another player.

The first time a captain or manager clicks on the 'Write Match Report' button, they are immediately given the option to send it across to anyone in the team. This includes any guest players, parents or spectators.

This player will then receive a message with a link, taking them to the In-App page builder! All of this is instantaneous and if desired, the whole process could be completed within 5 minutes!

All of this is very simple to do with a phone and a positive writing mindset.

Add it to your featured reel?!

*This is only available at the moment if you have a Teamosite.

As you will have seen by clicking on your main club page, there is a carousel of featured content. This is ever-changing to keep the appearance of your club fresh and let people know that the website is up-to-date and well maintained.

After your incredible match report has been written, the captain will have the option to request for it to be featured on the whole club website.

This will mean that the report is not just for your team to enjoy, but players from the whole club can see it, even externally!

Do not panic, this will not appear in the featured reel forever, the webmaster will add an expiry date to the story, so one minute it will be there, the next. It will be gone.

Who has editorial control?

A match report is stored as a draft document until the author or a manager decides it is ready for public consumption and they can mark it as live.

Live does't mean public - live means it is only live for their teammates and club managers to read. Some times little stories and nicknames slip into match reports that can be understood by the team but might not be understood or suitable for all members of the club or externally on the club website.

An appointed content editor/webmaster or club administrator are the only people who can decide that match reports are suitable for all to read and change them to be visible to public. When a report is visible to the public it is available for the wider club to read via the event page and team news in app. If you have a Teamo Website it will automatically be public on the event and team news.

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