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London Hockey - Sports Management On A Regional Scale

29 May 2024 | Ben Bruce-Smith
London Hockey - Sports Management On A Regional Scale

London Hockey is one of the eight areas of English Hockey and covers league management for competitions in the region, but also runs and coordinates the Juniors and Masters programmes too.

They work closely with clubs, schools and local organisations to develop and grow the sport by offering opportunities to play hockey, opening up the sport to all. Ensuring everyone has access to hockey activities and are able to participate on and off the field is a key driver for the organisation on a day to day basis and the cornerstone of it’s success.   

With a variety of different age group teams representing the region, multiple training sessions to manage all while collecting payments too, London Hockey turned to Teamo to reduce admin time and to improve the tools they were using previously.


With London Hockey using the finance tools that Teamo has to offer, they have been able to assign fees quickly and easily as well as seeing exactly who hasn’t paid and reminding them using the messaging functions in the app.

Collecting money via our old system was not straight forward and many players ended up not paying. With Teamo, assigning fees is quick and easy and it’s then even easier to see exactly who has or hasn’t paid and getting reminders out to them with targeted messaging via the app’s communication tools

Clare Cosgwell, Talent Development


Some of the players and guardians across London Hockey were already using Teamo at their local Hockey clubs, and in some cases, other sports clubs too.

For those using Teamo for their local club and now London Hockey, it’s been simple for them to have all their information in one place as the app allows them to have more than one club connected.

Teamo has meant that coaches, athletes and their guardians have one place to access calendars, squad information, payments and much more via the London Hockey branded club app.


Having implemented Teamo, the staff at London Hockey can communicate simply and directly to their members. They are able to do this across large groups of the organisation as well as smaller teams, groups or individuals.

The communication tools they use covers the in-app instant messaging function, Teamo Mail and push notifications.

This improved communication offering has allowed them to deal with getting crucial information, such as event cancellations, out to members quickly.

Event Management

With a variety of training sessions and matches making up the main events run by the organisation, Teamo has provided instant access to player availability and attendance registers to make running these events simpler.

They also use these tools to pull information and data regarding the players and their attendance over the course of a season.

“Our admin processes were very cumbersome - the registration of players on our old system required a lot of time and it was not quick and easy to see the information we needed. We are now using Teamo for all our players in order to save us time and improve our communications”

Clare Cosgwell, Talent Development

If your organisation are having similar difficulties managing members, collecting payments or even managing your members through a Talent Development Pathway then do get in touch and book a FREE Demo of the platform below to find out more:

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