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Consent Icons

13 June 2023
Consent Icons

You might have noticed some new toggles in and around your profile. You might have noticed them too if you are an eagle-eyed admin exploring the Members Centre!

First Aid Trained

This toggle is hidden inside the Members Centre. Only admins can tick this for users within their club. This tool should be turned on for Members that are first aid qualified. 

If this toggle is turned on (flicked to green) a mini-icon will appear next to the user’s name. This will appear in the same places that the Medical Indicator appears. 

You will be able to see it in events or overviews looking at a club section inside the Members Centre. 

Photo Permissions

This will replace questions inside the registration forms! Currently, the way to find out photo permissions is by adding the question to a registration form, then digging through the Members centre to find all the answers. 

We have transformed this completely. Users will be able to edit their photo permissions immediately from their profile. Simply flip the toggle if you are happy to have photos taken by the club, or flip it off if you are not. It is as easy as that. 

Clubs have their individual interpretations and rules about photo consent, the primary reason for introducing photo consent to Teamo is for the upcoming coming media gallery, which will allow parents a safe place to share and tag touch-line photos and videos. The photo consent can then be used to inform club social media officers and website managers that those photos with individuals tagged without photo consent, should not be shared further and kept private to the groups they are tagged too.

One thing to note: If your club already have a photo consent question, you will be able to mark the question type in a similar way you would if the question needed a medical indicator.

Alternatively, replace the question with the new style!

Publication Consent

This is probably the least self-explanatory icon of the three! 

As you will know Teamo is branching out and able to generate a whole load of content for clubs at the touch of a button. In most cases, this is incredibly useful and powerful, however we understand that some users might not want their name shared onto club websites, social media posts and the like.

Therefore, we have created this Publication Consent toggle, which will be controlled by individual members. It can either be turned on meaning that their name will continue to appear in GetSocial posts, published webpages for the event and so on. Or, it can be turned off. The user’s name will no longer appear in any public domain - GetSocial or any published Teamsheets. Instead of a name, there will be a ‘Hidden User’.

Clubs are able to turn these toggles on or off for Members. If a club does this, this will mean that the individual users cannot change their own answers whenever they like. They will need to contact an admin to do this for them.

If you have any questions on this, please send us a message through Teamo Support and we can answer any qualms you might have!

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