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Black Friday - Easy Fundraising with TeamoRewards

09 November 2023 | Tom Bean
Black Friday - Easy Fundraising with TeamoRewards

How can sports clubs like yours benefit from Black Friday?

Simple TeamoRewards… but what is it? Read more to find out

Despite heavy discounts over the next four weeks with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, online shopping sales will out-strip any other month this year by 15%. 

The average UK male will spend £113 on Black Friday with 74% of Black Friday shopping done on a mobile phone. 

TeamoRewards captures any left over sales/referral commission on sales and siphons it back to your sports club. 

What is TeamoRewards? 

TeamoRewards is the online fundraising tool that works with people’s everyday habits. Once they’ve installed it in their mobile browser, club members shop as normal and TeamoRewards works in the background to find them voucher codes and discounts, claiming sales/referral commission that goes back into your club.

Is TeamoRewards easy to use?

Yes, very easy! As a club admin just go to your fundraising page and switch it on and we’ll do the rest, softly encouraging your members to install the plugin when they next use Teamo.

How much can the club make? 

Over the last 12 months we have paid out an average of £15 per member using TeamoRewards on their phone. Count your members and parents of juniors on Teamo and now multiply that by £15… see how much you could earn? 🤑

How can the club see who is using TeamoRewards? 

The TeamoRewards dashboard gives live reporting on member installs and daily transaction feedback on commissions earned.

Can the club encourage installs? 

Along with the gentle in-app prompts, the club can send broadcast messages to promote installs. One of the best ideas is just getting team captains talking about it!

What is the difference between EasyFundraising and TeamoRewards?

EasyFundraising is like an online shopping portal that partners with various retailers. When you shop online through EasyFundraising, a percentage of your purchase amount is donated to the cause you support. It's easy to use and doesn't require any technical knowledge. Anyone can sign up and start raising funds simply by shopping through the platform.

TeamoRewards is also a platform for fundraising, but it's designed for people or organizations who want more control and customisation over their fundraising efforts . TeamoRewards seamlessly delivers coupons and discounts directly to your phone, allowing supporters to save money while contributing to the cause outside of our app. It offers a more advanced and personalised approach to fundraising efforts.

When do we get paid? 

Teamo settle commission payments each quarter. Within 30 days of the end of each quarter you will be notified of your settled commission and invited to invoice Teamo. 

N.B. Due some purchases having varying completion/refund cycles commission can take 4 weeks plus to settle. 

So, why now?

With spending ramping up in the build-up to Christmas, why not take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday spending and earn some extra cash to pay for equipment and kit at your club.

It’s really that simple so activate now to start earning with TeamoRewards!

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