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Winchmore Hill: The Club that does it all

07 March 2024 | Ollie Carr-Hill
Winchmore Hill: The Club that does it all

Winchmore Hill Sports Club, located in North London is one of the largest playing clubs in the country and has been a bastion of the local community for over 140 years. Their Football Club, Hockey Club and Cricket Club are all on Teamo and have thrived since using the platform.

Below we have comments from their three sections on how they run their respective sections using Teamo:

Winchmore Hill HC

"In early 2018, we decided to evaluate the latest digital tools to see if we could find something which would help us manage our player availability and team selection, to reduce the amount of paperwork and manual effort involved in running the club and managing the teams - particularly with a wide range of age groups, including a growing number of "digital natives" as well as older members who were still used to email and text message communications.

This is when we first came across Teamo, as well as a few other apps being used by sports clubs. From the outset, Teamo was the one that fitted exactly with how we wanted to run our club and, after a successful pilot project using it for the summer league, we quickly moved on to rolling it out for the full club ahead of the 2018/19 season.

Initially, we continued taking cash and bank transfers for match fees and subs, marking these off as paid in Teamo when reconciled by our treasurer. However, we soon adopted Teamo's inbuilt payment system which takes care of the reconciliation automatically, making our digital transformation complete. 

Teamo is now the central club management system we use for all our membership, team management, club training and socials, and it's hard to think how we struggled for so long with manual team and club admin! Furthermore, the detailed stats that we can now collate and analyse year on year are invaluable for our club committee - training attendance, average number of games per player and players per game, average age of players in teams, and so on - this all feeds into our club development plan and helps to shape the future direction of the club.

Since adopting Teamo for the hockey section of our sports club, the cricket and football sections have also now moved everything onto it too, meaning that Teamo is the go to app for over 1000 members of our sports club." - Dom Smith

Winchmore Hill FC

"Teamo allows us to register players to the club, gather availability across multiple teams, assign match fees and understand who owes what and chase them for payment all in one place. It's moved a number of different systems and ways of working into one place, all accessible by the players on the go by their phones.

Teamo keeps everything all in one place. All of the players who register to the club can be placed into a squad. Fixtures are put into the calendar for the whole season and players can input their availability ahead of time. This has allowed captains to understand their availability well in advance and learn which weeks they need to draw on other resources or players to put their squad together.

Following the game the captain can easily assign match fees to each player. The players will see what match fees are owed and are able to clear one or more transaction at a few clicks of a button. This has helped the club stay on top of who has played which games and means the captain is no longer collecting upwards of £100 in cash to carry home and give to our treasurer when they get a chance." - Martin Brannigan

Winchmore Hill Cricket Club

"The club has expanded rapidly in recent years, with the change and expansion, the adoption of Teamo in 2022 has proven to be invaluable in the smooth running of our club in so many ways. From membership registration, organising fixtures and training, availabilities and the payment of subs and match fees, Teamo is a one-stop shop, and does it all.

Members find the Teamo app easy to use and an extremely convenient way to see upcoming matches, signal availability, and makes payments quick and simple.

As with most sports clubs we are run by enthusiastic volunteers and Teamo simplifies all the administrative processes that can other otherwise prove such a chore. From our Membership Sec and Club Treasurer to all our team captains, it’s been a ‘game-changer’.

It’s hard to imagine going back to the way we did things before Teamo." Matt Webster

All photos are from the respective club's Instagram.

@winchmorehill_football , @winchmore_cricket , @whandehockey

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