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England Hockey GMS Data Upload

22 September 2022 |
England Hockey GMS Data Upload

Hockey clubs will undoubtedly know by now that all players competing in England Hockey competitions need to be registered on GMS.

So that you can hold a record of who has registered on GMS, we've put together a simple spreadsheet upload, allowing you to copy the data from GMS to Teamo.

Sounds great! How do I do it?

Firstly, as a club administrator on GMS, you'll need to bring up the list of all players registered to the club so far. To do this, login to GMS and head to "clubs" in the left-hand side menu. Search for your club, and click "members"

Highlight all the names etc (starting in the top left corner) and drag the highlight range to the bottom right of the Members table.

Copy the Range (Ctrl + C on a PC/Laptop)

Then move to Excel and Paste

*Now that still isn't the plain text values we need

To convert it to plain values - copy. the table you just pasted.

Then right click and choose Paste Special > Values

** If you try and Paste Special straight from GMS, you will not get the Values option, and instead a choice of HTML, Unformatted text and some other things which do not help as much.

Now save the excel worksheet.

Now in Teamo

As a Club Administrator

  • Go to your Members Center
  • Go to the right hand menu
  • Scroll to the bottom to find the new button.

A modal will open giving you the option to upload your new excel file.

NB if you used Teamo for return to play you will want to clear your EH data and start fresh before uploading. Use the clear button in the bottom left corner of the modal.

The file will be imported and Teamo will attempt to match the names in your database.

You can download a list of any names Teamo was unable to match based on first name, last name and age.

And click to update all those that are matched.

On clicking update, the shield (EH indicator) will be set on all matched members profiles, panel information will be copied to the notes section on the users profile for reference.

N.B If all members are matched you use this tool to update panel information, if it has been changed in GMS.

We hope you find this tool useful.

Thank you to Stephen Tabb from England Hockey for sharing the screen shots, and helping us put this together so promptly.

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