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Evo Soccer - Managing Football Academies on Teamo

19 June 2024 | Ben Bruce-Smith
Evo Soccer - Managing Football Academies on Teamo

Who are EVO Soccer

Evo provides personal technical, tactical, physical, mental and social mentoring support for aspiring football players across the programmes they offer.

They also provide a variety of different sessions and programmes including National and International Academy sessions, coach education programmes, representative ages group teams as well as a 1st XI side too.

Evo has had over 30 players in the past 12 months graduate into professional academies and sign professional contracts

What did they want to improve?

With a large number of sessions and different age group teams to organise and run, Evo were looking to improve on; how they were managing and collecting the availability of over 200 members each week, collecting payments from these members, improving the ease of communication with their members and making the selection processes and other administrative tasks easier for their coaches and staff.

Using Teamo

“Teamo has brought our percentage of uncollected fees down from 20% to 1.5% this season which has enabled us to review income streams from each team and across the organisation as a whole allowing us to plan for the coming seasons more effectively”

Bradley Chandler, Director


With their players and parents/guardians on the app, Evo are able to send out push notifications, broadcast messages or emails to both individuals and groups.

This has included the sending of important documents that can also be stored in the app, as well as notifications linked to event updates and cancellations.

Selection & Availability

Teamo allows the various coaches and managers of the different age group sides access to look through the events and the members linked to them.

With players/parents updating their availability via the app it is easy for coaches to see all the information they need for both sessions and matches alike.

Evo are able to generate teamsheets in the app and get notifications, or even group chats linked to the event, set up to ensure everyone can access the details they need.


Once players have played in matches or attended training sessions, coaches and managers are able to send out the relevant fees and see an accurate record of who owes what.

Club administrators at Evo have been able to look through these records and, using the communication tools, accurately and effectively chase the outstanding invoices.

This has allowed them to reduce their percentage of uncollected fees and get these funds back into the organisation to improve their offering each season.


“Teamo has been extremely beneficial for The Evo Group and the help, support and customer service has been exceptional”

Brad Chandler, Director

If you'd like to find out more about Evo Soccer, or about how Teamo can support your Football Academy or Club then please have a look at the links below:

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