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Feature Focus: Event Information

22 May 2023
Feature Focus: Event Information

Unsure of the location of your game? Have a look at the fixture information.

Want to share your team's success on your club's socials? Create and upload a smart and unique social post through Teamo.

Want to upload a multitude of training fixtures at once to save admin time? Use Teamo’s training fixture to create all your upcoming sessions at once.

Teamo has everything you’ll ever need to be able to keep your players constantly informed of any upcoming fixtures to ensure you can spend less time on organization and more time on game day. Familiarise yourself with all the event info Teamo has to offer so you can start organising your club as efficiently as possible.

Keep reading to find out more. Why not refresh your memory with a quick summary if you are a current user?

Event Types

There are 3 types of events that Captains and managers can easily create for their team's:

1) Fixture / Match

  • Single Fixture: Create a single event within the calendar for one singular fixture.
  • Multiple Fixture: For when you have a weekly fixture at the same time each week or for if you want to block out all Saturday and add details later etc... This option can be used to add all upcoming fixtures in one go!
  • Import in Bulk: Head to manage club to import all fixtures for your team/club at once with all details already filled in!

2) Training Event

  • You can add training sessions in bulk by selecting multiple dates and import your fixtures from a spreadsheet.
  • This way, you can add your whole season's calendar in just a few minutes and you won't have to think about letting your players know of their upcoming fixtures all season long. Players can then jump ahead months to mark availability for the full season ahead!

3) Social Event

  • Teamo allows you to create social events where you can add multiple teams to an event.
  • As well as this, social events allow you to add limited spaces and social tickets!

Filling Out Event Information

When creating your events there are some key fields you will need to fill out to ensure your event is set up correctly and members can be fully informed!

Opponent - Enter the team you are playing

Date - Tap on the Calendar icon and select which day your game is

Start Time - Tap on TBC and enter the time of the match!

Location - Select a venue from pre-saved locations. Once this is loaded in, users will be able to click on the pin to take them to google maps!

Meet location - Provide additional information on instructions of where you'd like your team to meet

Kit - Provide details of the kit your team will be required to wear

Notes - Provide any additional notes you'd like your team to be aware of for the event

Competition - If the fixture is part of a competition you can select which competition the fixture is apart of!

Match Fee - If the event requires a fee you can add this so players get an invoice when they play/attend. This fee can be created under manage club > club products

Limited Numbers - If you have a limited amount of space available for training or a social event you can set a limit on how many players can be available

Once this information is filled out, members can see all the above information so they are fully informed and have all the necessary information at the touch of a button.

Additional Settings

  • Prompts: Prompt players with a notification to confirm their availability with a first and final prompt.

  • Manager Response: Choose whether to silence response notifications so that they're collated but your app will not 'ping' when new responses arrive.

  • Players Confirm Selection: This feature allows you to have peace of mind that a full team will turn up to the game. Prompt players to confirm once selected that they have read all match day details and are all set for the game!

  • Prompt for note if available: Sometimes players are available for a home games but not an away game, use this to let players add a note to their availability.

  • Publish Options:

Teansheet Visible relates to: Captains and Managers can share fixtures as webpages, for email or social media, this option lets you decide if the teamsheet is included. 

Players see availability relates to: players being able to see other players availability responses.

Event View For Members

  • Under the Calendar icon on members' platforms, they'll be able to see all of their upcoming events.
  • By clicking on the event they will then be able to see any relevant information related to the event, including location, time, date, opposition, etc...
  • Any Guardian on Teamo will also be able to see their Juniors event information within this section.
  • Here members will then have the opportunity to confirm their availability for an event as well as view their selection.


  • With Teamo there's a simple way to let almost anyone know about your upcoming fixture(s)! Teamo provides a public link that your players can share with their nearest, dearest and everyone else. This link displays your branded fixture page with all relevant details; including timings, location etc.
  • Interested in Sharing your team's success on your socials? Teamo has you covered! It's never been easier to create quality social posts to put out to your social channels, ensuring your members stay informed on your latest fixtures.
  • Our #GetSocial feature allows you to customize your own social posts for team sheets and final result posts. To create your post, simply click on the relevant fixture and start creating!

We hope you have found this quick guide handy. If you have any questions, send us a message through Support Chat in the App!

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