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February 2024 Updates

15 February 2024
February 2024 Updates

Nothing is escaping the hit list this month! A massive month with some amazing upgrades and new features, stay tuned for potentially the most exciting feature we have released in a while!!!

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Deleted User in Payment Centre

Admins are able to view more information in their Payment Centre should they choose. There is now a toggle on the right hand side of the payment centre to show Deleted Members. This will show you profiles named DELETED USER, but it will also show you the membership product they might have paid for. 

This will allow admins to tie mysterious Membership payments to users that left the club previously. 

NEW: DESKTOP grid view for Calendar

Users can now view their calendar in the desktop in a grid layout. To do this, head to the calendar and click the grip option besides the 'MORE' button.

This will give you a grid view of your upcoming events, with all the useful info you need. Click into an event to edit your availability or purchase a social ticket!

Fundraising Leaderboards

Fundraising Leaderboards are now live in the Newsfeed on both the app and the desktop versions of Teamo. This will be a useful reminder to all your members to try and help the club raise as much money as possible! Leaderboards are linked to Teams within the club, so you can see which Team is doing the most for the club!

Other Little Tweaks

  • Admins are now able to see a club calendar in the desktop version should they choose to.
  • Admins can add a date of when users joined. Therefore can filter users depending on which season they joined. 
  • If users click on a user profile, they will be able to see how long the user has been a member at the club for. This will be displayed in a date format.


Our latest upgrade to our chat function is to add an option to put polls in chats. This will allow users to check in with the team and vote for the different options laid out in front of them.

Check out the full page below

Desktop Notifications

Tired of not being alerted about chat messages in Teamo whilst in a neighbouring tab? Worry no longer as Teamo have now launched desktop notifications.

With allowed permissions, Teamo will ping notifications on your desktop alerting you to the fact you have been sent a message, or someone has requested that you pay for your match fee over the weekend!


Clubs can start claiming money back after uses make a donation to the club Via Teamo. Teamo have paired up with Swiftaid to capture maximise the giving potential to clubs.

Read all about how to do it and what you can get from it

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