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New Feature: Fines

16 August 2023 | Ollie Carr-Hill
New Feature: Fines

Clamp down on horrific tackles, bad behaviour and players turning up late using the newest Teamo Feature.

We have added fines to the platform so that Captains or Managers are able to fine players after an event. This means that you could be late for training and receive a fine, or get a card in a match and get a slightly more severe fine! 

The amount will be up to the captain’s discretion, but admins can add suggested totals.

The Technical Stuff


- You should see now that you can create an 'Other' product and select fines

- The teams you select when creating the fine, will be the teams that it is available too

Managers/ Captains

- Managers can assign fines in events when they go into manage the event and click on a user.

- They’ll get a pop-up to select a fine. They will need to add a reason for why the fine is assigned and also set the price of the fine.

Other Admin

- Fines can then be managed on the same page as match fees and tickets.

- We’ve added a Review Fines button from the setting in the top right of manage event.

- You can also review fines from team payments

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