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What's New: January 2022 Product Updates

31 January 2022 | Joe Chomet
What's New: January 2022 Product Updates

We've been busy over the last couple of months, bringing more feature developments and product updates to Teamo. Check out what we've added, and what's coming soon!

NEW: Monthly Calendar View

The desktop calendar view has been improved to give you a monthly overview of all your events, training and fixtures.

NEW: Manage Club Updates

The Manage Club area on the desktop has been given a redesign. Not only does it look much smarter, it now includes a graph to show club income, a chart to show member engagement, and all the latest product update blogs.

Payment Centre Improvements

We've made improvements to the speed of certain actions within the payments. Previously, deleting invoices would take upwards of 20 seconds, this action now takes less than 1 second to complete!

Access Key Contacts

If you're an admin, you are now quickly able to find the Key Contacts for any team by going to 'The Club' > select the relevant team > go to the Messaging Tab.

NEW: Publish Events Page

As part of our continued process to improve the design across the platform and in anticipation for TeamoSites, we have updated our event pages that you can publish and share online. Simply head to the event, click on the Share button in the top right of the event, and choose how you want to share your event.

Age Sort in Members Centre

You can now sort your members by age in the members centre. Simply head to the members centre and click on the small arrow by the Column heading for 'Age'.

Notifications Update

You'll notice now that your notifications section is filtered into 'Important' and 'All' notifications. This will make it easier to take any action required when important notifications come through. You may also notice a prompt in your notifications to 'reduce app notifications'. If you find you are getting too many notifications, this could be a useful setting to turn on, making sure you only receive the notifications you really need.

Review Email Preferences in App

You can now quickly update your email preferences directly from the app, meaning you can turn off specific types of emails, or completely turn emails off from one of your clubs.

FEATURE RECAP: New Season Help Guide

If your sport is about to enter a new season, you need to set up a new season in Teamo and archive your previous one. Creating a new season in Teamo allows you to collect payments in a new season and transfer member's registration information and teams over to the new season too. Last year, we put together a handy help guide which explains how to successfully set up a new season in Teamo. Take a look and download it here.


AVAILABLE FROM SPRING 2022 - A customised and responsive website for your club, fully integrated with Teamo and controlled from the app. Find out more here.

That's all for now! We love to hear your feedback so please get in touch and share your comments!

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