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Club Success with the Lotto

19 June 2024 | Ollie Carr-Hill
Club Success with the Lotto

Quick overview

The Teamo Lotto is a fully licensed Lottery that you can sign up to as a club. Once signed up, we do all the legwork for you. All you need to do is share your club Lottery sign-up page!


If you get 50 people signed up, this will bring the club £250 per month, every month

Who has it worked for?

FC Rangers Blackpool

FC Rangers are a junior football club, running a number of teams in the children’s and adult leagues in Blackpool.

Brian Street was the chair at the time, and he was responsible for the financial well-being of the club. When the opportunity arose to join the lottery and become a beneficiary, Brian and the committee jumped at the chance. Raising funds by getting parents, grandparents, friends, and other family members to join was seen as a pretty straightforward process to recruit members.

Winning a cash prize of up to £1,000 was seen as a great incentive for recruitment and a great driver to retain members when publicising that somebody had won within the club.

Before the onset of social media, Brian was given around 250 membership forms to hand out. Speaking to the managers of each age group and with parents on match days within no time 200 people had filled in the bank mandate and signed up for the lottery. There was no admin for Brian or the committee to do, no gambling licence requirements, no collecting money etc. New members received their lucky numbers through the post and results were sent to Brian to distribute or post on the clubhouse notice board.

Each month the club received its donation and each month Brian circulated what had been raised. Originally the money raised was for the general well-being of the club but then the committee decided with the parents' input to put the money towards a specific goal. This included paying for attending other UK football tournaments, pitch improvements or clubhouse infrastructure and development.

Burscough FC

Stuart Heaps officially was the club secretary but in reality, Stuart did everything at the club. From hosting officials from other clubs on match days, to organising fixtures, to preparing the pitch or working in the bar. Stuart was a committee member and involved in the financial wellbeing of the club. It was therefore a no-brainer when a fundraising lottery was introduced, explained, and taken onboard as the central pillar of raising vital funds for the club.

Then, we didn’t have an online presence and website which made it easy to sign up players, so again Stuart was given 500 membership forms to distribute through the club, its suppliers, players, committee members and local businesses within this small town.

As the designated point of contact within the club, Stuart became the lottery champion. He followed up the distribution of the forms, encouraged people to sign up, explained how much money the club would receive each month and how vital those funds were to the immediate and long-term future of the club. Over 500 people completed the forms and joined the lottery within 6 months. Stuart placed recruitment posters not only at the club but also within local business premises. Results were always distributed and every month the money raised was communicated.

Glenavon Community Club

Glenavon Community Club are a relatively recent addition to the lottery beneficiary family. Based on the Wirral, it was a very simple yes when the opportunity arose to join the lottery platform. No set-up costs, no running costs, no admin, no gambling licence needed, no need to collect subs were real positives for the committee.

Do we still sign people up using paper mandates? Yes, you can, but now we have a free easy to buy from bespoke microsite for your club so staff, parents, grandparents, and committee members can join.

Mike one of the committee members took responsibility for the lottery, he was our lottery champion designate. Provided with all the information or an email away to ask me any questions Mike felt empowered to grow the lottery from scratch. Using social media each support network per age group was targeted and family members were recruited as players. On this occasion, money raised by each age group went directly back to those age groups. The parents of the age groups then became responsibly competitive with a prize given to the age group that signed up most members. Within 3 months nearly 100 members had been recruited with a number not supporting any age group specifically but going into the pot to support the general wellbeing of the club.

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