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New Product: Merchandise

31 October 2023 | Ollie Carr-Hill
New Product: Merchandise

Teamo have completed the last of the products in our new build. This product is mainly for selling merchandise but will be one of the most flexible products that we offer. Along with this update, we have added a product push to the news feed, should you want to advertise donations or club items via the home screen of user’s platforms.

Merchandise Creation

  • Admins are now able to create a Merchandise product inside the ‘Other’ Section within Create a Product. 
  • In addition to the normal boxes to fill out, there will be an option to add media to the product. 
  • There is a maximum of 5 images that can be uploaded per product. 
  • The admin is able to re-order the photos by dragging them from side to side to place them where they wish. 
  • A further addition to the normal product creation boxes is the Promotion page. This screen will give the admin the choice of where to promote the product within a user’s page. 
  • There will be 3 options for this:
  • Newsfeed: The product will be displayed on the newsfeed for every user in that team/section.
  • Payment Page: Underneath existing invoices will be a carousel for all of your Merchandise products. 
  • Checkout: Upon purchasing a membership, your products will appear as an optional extra.
  • Further specification for this product can be done by selecting which Sections/Teams have this product visible to them.

What do the users see?

Well, this ultimately depends on where you display the product! If you display it everywhere, the user will most likely see the product inside their newsfeed. As they scroll down the match scores, Instagram posts or other news posts, there will be a merchandise block in there too! This post will contain all products that have been promoted to the Newsfeed. 

They will also be able to click on the products and scroll through the displayed media that showcases the item. At the bottom, there will be a buy now option. Before the user clicks pay, they might want to check the different concession options. The club can put different sizing or colour options on the product. 

Once a product has been paid, the purchase will be shown in your purchase history, similar to paid match fees or memberships.

What next?

Admins and managers might be thinking about the next question. Great - the user has paid and purchased a product, but how do I know when they have been given the product?

Admins and Team Managers will have a new tab inside of Team Payments. This will be called Orders. Admins can then filter this view per team or section. 

There will be three separate tabs: Ordered, Paid and Fulfilled.

Ordered - If someone has clicked pay but do not have a card saved on their account or the product is not linked to a payment account, people will have an unpaid invoice inside their payment section for the item. 

Paid - Someone has paid for the product, but they have not been given the product yet. Once they have been, you can mark the invoice as fulfilled. 

Fulfilled - This is when the user has both paid and been given the product that they bought. This can be used as a history of who has purchased what!

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