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New Feature: Club Documents

21 April 2023
New Feature: Club Documents

Club documents are now live in Teamo. This space is versatile and can be used by managers, captains, admins and more! Whatever needs to be shared can be done at the touch of a button, along with users being able to access it on the go, or download it should they need to.

Admins will be able to upload document types from videos to images and PDF documents. The full list of document types that are supported can be found below:

  • PDF
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • MOV
  • MP4

Admins are able to:

  •  Add Folders:
  • Add folders to the Club page
  • Within folders, add further folders to split information into specific groups
  •  You have the power to add as many layers as you’d like! 
  • Add Files:
  • Add any of the aforementioned file types to any folder. 
  • Note: the name on the file will be the saved name in your computer already, you will not have the option to edit this. 
  • Move Folders and Files
  • Easily move files from one folder to another
  • Move Folders from one section to the other. Keep in mind the folder will retain the same lock on it so you might need to re-adjust this!
  • Delete Folders and Files
  • Hopefully fairly self-explanatory!
  • Rename Folders
  • Lock folders to certain sections/groups/teams
  • Only allow documents, photos and videos to be seen by people in certain parts of the club. 
  • Great for sharing team Code of Conducts etc. 
  • This also means you can have documents accessible to the whole club, for example AGM minutes and club policies. 
  • Admins will be able to access all folders 
  • Admins will retain rights to any folder, similar to their accessibility in the rest of the platform. 

Players, Managers and other users will be able to view content uploaded but do not have any of the tools that admins have. They will see the folders however some will be locked, unlocked for them or open to all. 

File access:

If you are a normal user and see that a file is locked, this will mean that it has been locked by an admin. The Lock means you are not in a group/team that has access to the folder. 

A folder with an unlocked padlock next to it will mean that this folder is locked, but you are in a team/group that has access to it. You are able to go in and see any files relating to you! You are able to download any PDF documents!

A folder with no padlock means it is open to all!

How do I access this?

In the desktop, look in the top-right corner. Admins will be able to see a folder icon in line with their main named section, we have highlighted it in the image below

In the App, you will need to click the Club icon at the bottom first before then seeing the option to click into the folders.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Teamo Support. Stay tuned for more big features coming soon!

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